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Logged in today and now they have different options in prices to ship items. I was using the 8$ fee that came standard for USPS priority mail. The 5$ option did not have priority, and was first class . Now with these changes is the 7$ shipping fee usps priority? Or is it first class? I’d like to find out before I ship more items. Offer up employees gave no heads up on what’s going on or why they are changing this. I’m making them hundreds of dollars a month and they can’t even give us in depth information on what’s going on.

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Edit: I’m just wasting my time. It is what it is. There’s a reason why it took me 9 months to find this “community “ forum filled of people crying about stuff. Now I’m one of those people too... on to the next app !
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No one has an answer? This app really needs some devs that create information on what your clicking when you choose shipping options... how is it showing 7$ shipping fee for a 0.5-3lbs item , but the pre paid label says up to 10lbs?! So is a 10$ shipping fee up to 20lbs? We need some answers and clear information here please!
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You can search for this topic on the forum
Several posts to answer your question. The changes to $7 ups from $8 usps just took place yesterday. There is still some confusion on label weights, but if it printed 10lbs. That is the max for the package. The next label says 3-10 pounds and always printed 18lbs, with new carrier, I am unsure how it will print
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I have one further question, maybe you can help.

When i use fedex ground on other sites, the tracking only shows mon-fri if dropped of before 6pm last pickup. It will then show in fedex possession for sat, sun, and monday until 6pm. Other sites do not count sat/sun as DAYS FOR SHIPPING WHEN IT IS NOT A FEDEX BUSINESS DAY. How does ups work? Saturday shipping and delivery?
If a buyer purchase in the middle of the night on friday, our sales would be canceled if tracking didnt show on monday night. How will offerup handle this and adjust for sales made over the weekend?
The timeframe for automatic cancelation has always been an issue, but if we rushed a friday night sale we could at least get it to usps before 2pm on Saturday

What is the plan for this???
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Is there an option for sellers to ship USPS and NOT UPS?
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Only under first class rate. Usps is the only option for lightweight envelope or poly mailers.

Edit: now only 3-10 pound label class denotes UPS. I have no clue what is going on. I have to edit all listings to remove or update shipping label weights if they are printing differently now and every listing seems to be a different thing.
I cant keep up, nor will I try.
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Let me get some clarity for you guys - just caught word of these changes. I'll update you guys ASAP.


Edit 1 - It looks like there was a confirmed bug yesterday where the $7 label was generating a more expensive label (higher weight limit label) but this shouldn't have any impact on purchase fees. Hope that makes sense. 

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The change from USPS to UPS is a big issue for me to point that I will not be able to ship anything in the app over the 8oz. I'm not close to a UPS store or drop box and no pick ups are made to non UPS customers. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Is there any way to voice the issue of shipping changes to Offer up? What would've been smarter is let the seller choose what shipping service they can use much like Mercari. If USPS is more expensive to use than UPS then increase the cost to the customer.
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We have voiced our concerns. Mine are ALL exactly what you stated. I will try a few that I can send with my husband to his office, but I dont think it will work in the long run. Especially for items purchased late Fridays when most people buy. This likely will not work for me at all. I dont do pickups anymore except higher dollar items that i am not comfortable shipping on ou. Those items really dont get much action on offerup anyhow.
I am worried. My husband says offerup doesnt bring in enough funds for me to stress, but I do sell everyday at least something even if not for much.

I will have to put more effort into other platforms to make up for my losses.
It is a tough blow.