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I'm also passing alllll of this feedback onto our product teams. I was under the impression that the seller would be able to choose. I'll be sure to keep you guys updated on anything I learn.

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Yes!!! And just after a day of trying to forgive out WHAT THE HELL is going on.... I’ve learned now any pack 1lb or larger is now in the hands of UPS!!! WHY!?!?! This is going to affect me tremendously to the point we’re I’ll have to go back to eBay. Why do they change all of this with a snap of the finger just to get another dollar out of the buyer!? I’m so frustrated with this, I have packages to ship and ship fast!! Ups doesn’t ship fast!! My whole business here is to ship through USPS and ship it fast! Now I can’t do either of those. Anyone that is wondering, any shipment delivery option $7 or higher is going to UPS! Expect 6-8 days ground delivery. Expect your packages to be busted up and broken. We need answers to why the changes occurred and a stable format in what’s going were, how much lbs IS exactly allowed? App says one thing, label says another! Answers please!

For those that sell on Amazon, FedEx is not renewing their contract with Amazon, so be prepared for an increase of shipping mishaps for the short-term. This means that UPS (pay attention OU shippers) will be strained with extra deliveries for Amazon.


For Amazon, both UPS and FedEx ship 7days/wk.


FYI, starting in the 1st qtr of 2020, both UPS and FedEx will start shipping 7days/wk for everyone.

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Edit: I’m just wasting my time. It is what it is. There’s a reason why it took me 9 months to find this “community “ forum filled of people crying about stuff. Now I’m one of those people too... on to the next app !

@StVicious wrote:
I’ve tried to contact the devs about 6 different ways. Can’t get get a single reply...they must all be in the Catalina islands relaxing after that bug fix update


The dev's have no control over the implementation of the shipping policies.


I doubt that anyone important or with decision making titles work on the weekend. I am not even sure if anyone handles customer support on the wknds.

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I am not sure what's going on but a package that weighs 9 ounces cost $7 to ship that's ridiculous. So to ship a t-shirt that's 9 oz cost $7 to ship. Not to mention all the listings I've made in the past 4 months I have to now go change because it's not 1 pound it's 8 oz this really sucks
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Have you found out anything this is really frustrating hang $7 to ship a 9-ounce item. Please post whenever you find out something.
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No answers to any questions, no help from any developers. At this point it’s a permanent change we got to live with. A ** 7$ shipping fee for UPS will be labeled with a double mail carrier. This means UPS takes the package and ships it to the buyers city. Then the items gets taken to USPS to have them deliver it. Another thing they don’t tell you!

I’ve shipped two items so far that were just over the 2lb. $7 fee. UPS worker did not mention to me if that was going to be an issue that the max weight was 2lb. So either they still got things screwed up or buyer/seller gets a surprise bill in the mail ....
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So the $3.00 1 is just 8 ,ozs and the $7.00 1 is 2 lbs but says 3 lbs...crazy !!!
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No one has mentioned what the $10 label prints. Like wheres the 3lb package fit in? So odd.
Curious also if anyone has been charged upon delivery for shortage