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COMPLETE BS!!!!! I was all excited that my offerup page would take off with these new AMAZING shipping rates but now a 1.99 MINIMUM SERVICE FEE??? COMPLETELY UNFAIR! now how much time I’ve wasted changing all my prices down to account for the shipping rates and back up to account for the service fee? plus basically can’t even sell less than a $20 item without getting ripped off? how is that fair ? if there’s a $3 half pound shipping weight why would the minimum service fee be 1.99? so basically even a half pound package has to be worth $20 not likely!!! so now instead of being able to post shirts for $3-$5 and still leave me some offer up wants to take 1.99 out of the $3-5 and leave me 1-3 on product i probably already paid more for??? COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS THEY NEED TO CHANGE THE MINIMUM SERVICE FEE BACK TO 10% OR THIS APP WILL DIE PERIOD!!! NO ONE PAY THE 1.99 OR THEY WILL JUST KEEP CHARGING IT AND TRY AND GO HIGHER AND HIGHER!! DONT PAY IT SWITCH APPS!!!
@yalltrippin 100% agree!
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I AGREE. And have added to my listing for buyers to shop the Mercari App!
@LoriJoe yep same here!
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I agree 100%!!!!!!
I had lost almost $15 before I even noticed. One of my deposits was one cent!!!! That was a 99% fee!!!! Really??!!
$1.99 is not fair to sellers with items under $20. I have had to decline so many offers to ship and changed my prices so many times that I’m really frustrated. I have about 500 items listed- about 90% of them are under 20$.
Offerup used to more than quadruple my sales but now they are back to minimal and more sells on eBay. 10% fee is comparable to other apps and fair. I understand they want to make money too but gouging the little guys is so unfair. 10% straight across is more than fair. Bad move offerup!!!!!!!!!!!!!