NOT getting paid after shipping

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Hey Carmen it took weeks fighting with them to release my $80 punt And contacting the CEO to get my money it wasn't the buyer it was offer up releasing my pymt even the buyer was contacting offer up telling them to release my pymt
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I don't blame you customer service sucks the CEO doesn't care that he had such horrible people working for him he has his billions what does he care if we get our money for
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I shipped the mpost delayed and on delivery date was a holiday so offer up cancelled it. The buyers recieved the items thanked me but both items were relisted and i never got paid i sent numerous emails to support they claim i need to reach out to buyers and ask for thier payment info. Isnt this the part where offer up is involved who has the info who canceled the sale and who sole part in this is to hold funds untill delivery. Because according to specialist i have no option but to do my own billing. I got the time and resources to go track this specialist down and have him tell me no in person. I did it for verizon they changed thier mind real quick when your in thier office or lobby and dont take no from an assistant
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I always get paid...  Never had a problem getting paid for items I have shipped.  I do however try to pack the box full of goodies other than the single item purchased.  Well most of the time anyway.  A couple hurried ones perhaps did not get as many goodies as I would have liked to send.  Those few were hurried days where too much was going on to be as generous as I would have liked.  

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Have you created your OU Personal Profile Link, to date? Would like to check out your items for SALE on the OU App. Just PM me your OfferUp Link.
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"NOT getting paid after shipping"
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Not payed for a horse these people broke box was fine. Offer upmowes me

I don't know if this is even going to get to the right people or place but I've tried everything else & my only option next is to file a police report against offerup bcuz they refuse to provide me any actual information & only give what are obviously repeated "Automated general responses" even after my repeatedly requesting for management to contact me or for them to provided with a number that I can contact a live person to speak with? About my iphone that was shipped to a supposed buyer AFTER I ANSWERED NUMEROUS QUESTIONS THEY HAD & PROVIDED HER WITH THE IMEI# TO CHECK IF THE PHONE WAS REPORTED LOST OR STOLEN WHICH SHE DID & CONFIRMED IT WAS NEITHER BEFORE AGREEING TO BUY IT! (WHY WOULD ANYONE AGREE IT OTHERWISE!?) So after it was recieved she immediately filed a buyers claim (which was never mentioned to me from offerup until 3 or 4 days after delivery when I asked why i hadn't received payment? Only then did they inform me that the buyer claimed my phone was stolen (which was a lie & one that was clearly known to the buyer & visible to any offerup staff if they'd simply bothered to check our message chain? But the action taken by offerup staff came as a complete SHOCK TO ME & STILL PRETTY MUCH DISGUSTS ME!! Without giving me any opportunity to dispute the buyers claim or offer any comment, evidence, proof, or any response at all they simply took the "supposed buyers word for it" (a buyer with zero business history with offerup) over me... A seller with 2+ yrs & 70 transactions with zero bad reviews... & they not only don't give me any opportunity to dispute the false claims, they cancel the transaction giving the "buyer/scammer" her money back while she still has my phone & basically call me a thief who's dumb enough to try selling stolen goods online, threaten to close my account, & tell me that THEY ARE CONFISCATING MY PHONE (WHICH THE BUYER... SCAMMER SURELY NEVER SENT THEM AS THEY REFUSE TO GIVE ME ANY INFO AT ALL BEYOND WHAT I'VE JUST MENTIONED!?) I'VE BEEN TRYING TO SPEAK WITH ANYONE FROM OFFERUP MANAGEMENT FOR ABOUT 3MONTHS NOW BUT THEY WORK VERY HARD TO AVOID ALL. CONTACT WITH THE PEOPLE WHO'S GOODS THEY ARE MAKING MONEY & CHEATING OUT OF THEIR ITEMS!? THEY LIE ABOUT OFFERING ANY "SELLER PROTECTION" AT ALL & A QUICK SEARCH ONLINE SHOWS THIS TO BE A KNOWN PROBLEM & STILL THEY REFUSE TO OPEN A LINE FOR DIRECT CONTACT WITH A LIVE PERSON & FIX THIS HUGE PROBLEM THAT HAS THEM CONFISCATING PROPERTY WHEN THEY HAVE NO AUTHORITY AT ALL TO DO SO & REFUSING TO PROVIDE THE OWNERS INFO ON HOW TO RECLAIM THEIR PROPERTY!!!
@Filmpro2Go yikes! I'm so sorry! That's crazy and I don't blame you for being upset. I wonder if Offerup also filed a claim with the cc processing company Stripe? Maybe you the DA office where you live and they can give you advise on what to do.
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Hey @Filmpro2Go - after a thorough deep-dive of your case with our Payments team, I do have an update.


@Filmpro2Go wrote:

The IMEI was exchanged, yes, but the question about whether or not the device was iCloud locked was never answered. When a device is iCloud locked, our process is a bit different when it comes to any refunds as it would require a police report to be filed. In this case, the buyer did file a police report regarding the iCloud locked device, as the lock can indicate a stolen item.