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I have opened multiple cases and each case has been forwarded to a payment specialist and that is the last I hear from them even though I reply asking about udates. This forces me to keep opening new cases as they are automatically closed. Here is my problem.


Last month, someone bought my item to have it shipped and I was told I received $414.45 and would get it as soon as I shipped my item. So I was provided by OfferUp a prepaid shipping label and I shipped my item and shortly afterward I received an email from OfferUp saying that that transaction was "canceled" and I was "free to take offers again". How can another user cancel a placed order AFTER I was given a shipping label and told to ship my item? Now someone else has my item across the country and I don't have my money. This is extremely disappointing and because of this poorly designed service accompanied with the lack of a capable support team I have been out a $450 item for several weeks without my payment in sight. Here is a transcript of the emails I received:


Congrats on the sale!
It's time to ship...
1.Package the item for shipping
2.Print the pre-paid shipping label
and attach to the package:
View shipping label
3.Mail within 3 business days

Offer accepted -- time to ship!
“Ship this item within 3 days using the pre-paid shipping label we sent you. If the label isn't in your email, please check your spam folder or contact us.”


4 hours later I receive this email:

Purchase canceled: Off-white Caravaggio hoodie size small
“Sorry, but there was a problem with completing this sale. This transaction has been canceled. You’re free to accept new offers for this item.”


how is that even possible? that after I'm given a prepaid shipping label and told to ship ASAP that my item is no longer bought and the transaction is canceled? I already shipped my item, so where is my money? It has been over a month now.


since then I have tried to contact support through Twitter, support chat line and other emailing but so far they have sounded very robotic and of no help. One even accused me of not being patient enough and that my money will come, refusing to address that they even messed up until I showed them the emails I was sent and begged them to check their records. I don't know what to do besides go through the BBB and try to resolve things from there. I just want to get the funds that OfferUp "said" they received and are holding for me. But I don't think those funds exist.

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@BrightMoonstone @Devin28 Links to receive support from OFFERUP SUPPORT  to better assist them in their investigations to remove cannabis plants, MaryJane and any and all PROHIBITED ITEMS should remain on this site and should not be misconstrued as being OUTSIDE LINKS (maybe outside of the forums, but NOT outside of Offerup!)

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Thats crazy! The only thing I can think of is that the credit card was fraudulent or item was reported as counterfeit. Not saying it was, but someone, even the buyer may have reported it. Sorry for your troubles. Because of the canned responses from support, I would venture to guess you won't get paid. Maybe a mod can help you here.
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Also, do you have a receipt of acceptance with a time stamp from shipping? I wonder if you could contact usps and report mail fraud. I'm not sure how that works, but worth a shot.
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but this whole time, OfferUp has told me that they have the funds withheld and I would be receiving them when my item is delivered, even after it was delivered. I keep trying to tell them that the transaction was canceled but theyre treating me like I am just another impatient seller demanding my money. Ive reached out to a mod who escalated my case but nobody has reached out. I've probably been told i was being forwarded to a "payment specialist" 5 times by now without any further contact after that even when I ask for a time update. Instead I have to copy and paste my problems into a new issue/case every time with increasing frustration Smiley Sad paypal is so much easier to deal with

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they actually have my shipping information on file...


Alexis (OfferUp Support)

Sep 11, 4:05 PM PDT

Hi Enoch,

Alexis here. 

We’ve looked into the shipping status of Off-white Caravaggio hoodie size small and we do see that the item is in transit by the carrier on 9/11/2018. The transaction has been updated to reflect that the item has been shipped 

For your convenience, we’ve listed the tracking number and a link to the USPS site to track the status of your item.

Tracking Number:

USPS Link: 

we recommend to authorize the transaction and soon the package is deliver please contact me and a will help you.

Payment Specialist



Thats a transcript of an email exchange I had and the entire time the support person kept messaging me assuring me I would receive my money and I'm replying back "No! I'm not! it was canceled! this is a real problem!" only to not be listened to

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This is exactly what happened to me. I have a message saying the transaction was cancelled after a shipping label was created which prompted me to of course send it. I am out $80. I think there are some fraudulent business practices going down and I think the sellers who this has happened should pursue a class action lawsuit. I bet there would be a huge response and it stop them from continuing to do this to more people.
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I think OFFERUP is holding money and playing with it. This is happening to me. I sold a kitchenaide shipped it the receiver got my package accepted it and even gave me 5stars but has OFFERUP given me my money. No. Where is my money offer up. Tried to contact support staff multiple times no response at all
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I've been ripped off too. My sale never was cancelled. I shipped the package on time the receiver accepted and kept my kitchenaide but I still have no money from offerup
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I’ve actually reached out to my friend who works for OfferUp as a last resort and they said that it’s a known problem and they’re working on a solution although no timeline or updates have been given Smiley Sad
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Question, did buyer made payment? Is that why the shipping label was created ( as in ebay's case ).
If you were paid , the label was created because
1. you post item,
2.buyer click (offer) button and you click (?) Accept ?
Just want to know this whole shipping process.