NOT getting paid after shipping

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I still haven't got paid my 133.44
Going on 6 weeks now
It says deposit pending.
The 5 customers received there stuff.but I never got payed.Very unorganized company..They say I'll get back to you but they continue to lie..I don't no what to do .I need my 133.00. CAN SOME BODY PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!
Well if u taking legal actions and need a witness please contact me because I’m on the same boat and I k ow the developers see all this going on and still not doing anything about it.
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I have a similiar nightmare  Where is a customer service number?

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Yeah it seems the only way to get paid is to post something to this forum, OfferUps Twitter, and their FB page. Once you do that, they get you your money ASAP. Hell, they've even refunded me the "fast deposit" fees. With that being said, I still haven't been paid for Transaction ID 1695284, and the buyer has had the item since Sunday. Been verified, rated, and the buyer is happy with Product. In fact, the only person not happy is the seller, me, because I haven't been paid. Yet, I have receipt and payment info that claims I was paid yesterday! This is getting to be an old dance. I don't understand why OfferUp chooses to alienate it's sellers, who they depend on to make their site work. Where's my money OfferUp?
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As a potential buyer anything pending payment from my personal account types I can cancel with my payment method. I am curious about a buyer (any) that indicates any payment method is pending that has not cancelled and made the payment by other means they have indicated are available. ?? Color me curious here. Personally having accepted bad checks from individuals in the past I will prefer the third party confirmation of payment receipt then ship. Only my experience and humble opinion.
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I am in the same situation. I sold a mint condition iphone 3gs 32gb to a buyer and shipped the item. The Offerup app kept stating deposit pending and when I notified Offerup asking about when I was gonna get paid for my item, Offerup cancelled the sale and refunded the money to the buyer. Now, that said buyer has my property and I havent been paid for it yet and it's been over a week. Offerup Help is of no use and I am looking for people who wanna file a class action lawsuit against Offerup.
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I would like to compile a list of anyone being defrauded by Offerup and not getting paid after items are being shipped. This **bleep** needs to stop and if anyone is seriously willing to partake in a possible class-action lawsuit against Offerup, let's talk. I am in the San Diego, Ca area if anyones interested and my email is I sold an item and Offerup is just giving me the runaround too and the buyer wont even respond to my repeated attempts to resolve this.
Anyone interested...
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@giaking70 I have not been a victim of this.... but it is a severe problem! There are several posts about offerup not following through with payments. It’s starting to look very shady on their part.,,, I only sell face to face and it’s been perfect every time. I actually became friends with several of the people I sold to. I’m sorry that ya got screwed
Thing happened to me I was supposed to get paid after shipping and when it was delivered when I press the where's my mini button it said it was canceled so who do I talk to or what can I do about this I feel like I was robbed scammed the shipping thing isn't working for me so I don't think I'll be shipping again meantime I need to find out what I can do because there is no customer service