NOT getting paid after shipping

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Caused u don't work for them
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It seems like the shipping process is very flawed. Also seems like there may be a flaw and the buyer could be exploiting that as well. Who knows. Anyway. I was going to ask a question about shipping but the way the wannabe staff on here replies to you isn’t in the slightest professional, I’m sorry but if you don’t have a solution for me and you aren’t someone who can help me with my situation you aren’t needed, I don’t care if you’re a “power seller” , how many websites you have ran or whatever. Your abrasive and condescending replies and remarks are not necessary. That brightmoonstone person comes off as very annoying. If he/she has claimed many times that they don’t work for OfferUp and therefor can’t offer a solution or help that will actually make something happen then why even bother commenting or going back and forth with someone the way that they did in this thread? Yikes. They also seem to like replying with very abrasive remarks. If you can’t be of help why keep on commenting after your initial comment letting someone know how things work? It just seems like they like fighting with the users and being condescending by displaying a smarter and superior than you attitude.

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I think you should make a police report , your merchandise is stolen / this is happening a lot
Sorry to say the low lifers have figured out how to scam this system !!!! if the
person that purchased it canceled the
order in reality they stole your merchandise .
Paypal needs to change the system all merchandise will be shipped no cancellation until the merchandise has been delivered then they can cancel and return .
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I have learned my lesson .. I will print my label and wait several hours some times until the next day before I ship ....
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You too I see I'm having the same problem I have contacted OfferUp several times it's absolutely ridiculous they've gotten their money and the buyer has their item but OfferUp refuses to release my payment it's okay I work for a very large law practice who is going to handle the situation OfferUp knows what they're doing is illegal and the problem is people are letting them get away with it
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I've always printed label pretty quick then hold 24 hours for $ processing,. 😘😁😁
Did u recieve ur $$? Im just curious bc I CSN sell a big $$$ item but im nervous after reading your HASSLE with OFFER UP. T.y.
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Hey there...
If you follow OfferUps' Shipping Guidelines, you will be fine. Their money processor, "Stripe", has numerous safety checks, and balances in place for your safety. GLTU Ciao´ for now...
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Haha I follow the guidelines that's not the issue but thanks for responding
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Yes, but almost 6 months after shipping. I've spent months emailing them and trying to work with their support team but they are truly the worst in the industry. And when I finally got my money, it was a surprise. I had given up already after months of silence on their end. But it randomly appeared in my bank statements. No apologies or reasoning. In my honest opinion, I would avoid their shipping service like the plague. eBay is much more buyer/seller friendly. Customer service does not exist at OfferUp. Their shipping service is a joke.