NOT getting paid after shipping


I am going through the same thing. Did you ever get paid? 

@Amheather76 Im having the same exact issue too. 

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I feel like I completely was stolen from! No other way to look at it and OfferUp isn't doing anything and now the buyer, who admitted on the actual message board for the original post that the money was never pulled from her account, -- is now ignoring me too. I guess she basically stole $85 worth of Taekwondo equipment that I so trustingly shipped to her because OfferUp sent me the notification to go ahead and ship because payment was received from the buyer -- when in fact it never posted to her account. I'm so frustrated! I hope you get your situation resolved. OfferUp should be shut down.
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Thank you and I will follow-up with the link in your message. This is a corrupt and fraudulent company that should be investigated by the FTC also!
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@Amheather76 I hope that you got my message in reference to the BBB that I submitted to you in a private message knowing darn well that @Mj_206 would of deleted it if I left it in the forums which is rather odd to me that if this is as they eloquently say a "community" where we can give constructive criticism/feedback on the site as whole including the forums, and share any and all problems that we've experienced or even give suggestions that we have. Why are we disallowed to help each other out in their time of need even if we share a LINK??? 


But just keep in mind @Amheather76 that there are several unanswered claims on that site. Nonetheless I greatly apologize for all that you’re dealing with, as believe I know firsthand how you feel. And @Mj_206 A response from you isn't even warranted. 



@Mj_206 when you come back to work on Monday please contact me. @tdeluiz45 has sent inappropriate private messages.
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@BrightMoonstone wrote:
@Mj_206when you come back to work on Monday please contact me. @tdeluiz45 has sent inappropriate private messages.

@BrightMoonstone It wasn't plural, but one get it right. 

Lol you have a great day
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@BrightMoonstone @tdeluiz45 @Amheather76 @Mj_206


I agree with Tyson as he is not the problem here, but he is the select few that are trying to provide a solution. As the STAFF and everyone of Mj_206’s  cohorts that want to give their assurances to the customers and consumers that everything is going to be alright (like giving a pacifier to baby), but it is not.

@MarieJenn I don't know who Tyson is. Have a great day!