NOT getting paid after shipping

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@BrightMoonstone @Devin28 Links to receive support from OFFERUP SUPPORT  to better assist them in their investigations to remove cannabis plants, MaryJane and any and all PROHIBITED ITEMS should remain on this site and should not be misconstrued as being OUTSIDE LINKS (maybe outside of the forums, but NOT outside of Offerup!)

I'm sorry you're having such a hard time understanding. Every item has a report button on the listing. I have links from this person that was sent to me in a private message about a month ago linking to cannabis plants. I don't work for Offerup.
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My response will be off topic and
I apologize to user esc2010 for this response in this thread.

@MarieJenn in one of the posts tdeluiz45 he posted multiple links of OfferUp members selling items from the OfferUp selling app selling items against the OfferUp selling app and OfferUp Community forum guidelines. these kind of posts in the forum will definitely be removed from the forum. MarieJenn now you’ve just violated the same OfferUp Community forum guidelines. posting a link of an item that’s against both OfferUp selling app and Community forum guidelines.

MarieJenn about links members are not allowed to post, links from outside the OfferUp Community forum. only OfferUp Community forum internal links are allowed like help links like customer care. Please stay on topic. 😎🇬🇧🔚
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Ok, I have to step in here as well. 


@MarieJenn - there is no other way I can make this clearer. Posting a link to receive help from our Customer Care team is completely different than directly posting a link to a user accounts on a nationwide forum. That is targeted harassment and against our Community Guidelines. We have a reporting flow for a reason. The ONLY links that are allowed to be posted on these forums are Help links. Not a single person on these forums, not even me, has the ability to remove posts on the OfferUp app. I can only remove posts here on these forums.



I'm really not sure why this is so hard to understand, or why this has become such an issue. 


This conversation is over. 

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I️ also have not gotten paid and contacted customer service numerous times!!!! It’s way pass the listed time frame for deposits& I feel scammed!!!!
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There were no inappropriate private messages being sent. As a consumer, anyone can contact the BBB to file a complaint as well as the FTC to file a complaint against OfferUp. What is happening on this site is theft and fraud. I screenshot everything I write so I can have my evidence of the bogus messages stating it is being handled and escalated to a payment specialist. Bottom line - offerUp does not know how to fix the issues / system glitch of people not getting paid and it becomes too late after the fact to go back after the buyer for the money. The buyer of my item OPENLY ADMITTED AND WROTE ON MY POST MESSAGE BOARD THAT THE PAYMENT SHOWED AS PENDING AND THEN WENT AWAY AND WAS NEVER COMPLETELY PROCESSED AS A DEBIT TO HER ACCOUNT!!! ALL THIS HAPPENED AFTER I RECEIVED THE MESSAGE TO GO AHEAD AND SHIP MY ITEM....OFFERUp should clearly be able to see our correspondence but still have made no effort to contact the buyer -- How do I know??? Because her and I still keep in touch thru text message now! She is still offering to pay me directly thru PayPal but is worried OfferUp will come back later and try to charge her card again.... AND I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND HER CONCERN!! THIS IS RIDICULOUS..
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I agree with her and you can take all your "opinions/kudos" and kindly shove it!!!



Pattern of Complaint
On August 10, 2018, BBB recognized a pattern of complaints from consumers regarding customer service issues, billing or collection issues, and advertising issues. Consumers allege that the company does not release funds from the transactions it facilitates in a timely manner. Consumers also claim that their accounts have been terminated without notice or substantiation and that the company is not responsive to customer service inquiries. To date, the company has not responded to complaints filed with BBB.


A debit? You do know Offerup is not the payment processing company right?
Can you please follow the guidelines? Have a great day!
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Yes I understand that OfferUp is not a payment processing company! I have three degrees and definitely understand banking transactions. By the use of the word "debit" that was to imply the charge was "debited" from her account and showing as a pending transaction. You would be wise to not speak out of turn because if a court case ever came against OfferUp - your less than knowledgeable advice could actually be called into question and actually work to negate any defense that OfferUp may or may not be able to claim - if you are actually receiving compensation for "patrolling" these public forum boards. Be careful and wise. Have a blessed day!