NOT getting paid after shipping

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@Beckyt88 Well I hope that it gets resolved soon for you.

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Thank you
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@tdeluiz45 just noticed your post I was editing my posts. Maybe you should go back and read it before jumping in. 😎🇬🇧🔚
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Haven’t commented because I don’t want to get mixed up in this drama but... OfferUp Support is easily the worst support system I’ve ever seen. They just spit out robotic copy paste responses and deflect the problem by saying it’s an “expert” is working hard on it. Then this scam of a community and twitter support is just as useless with moderators saying the exact same thing without really doing anything. Just another PR stunt it seems. They just need to shut down their failure of a shipping and payment system and focus their resources instead on a better support team. But the worst offense is the attitude that their support team has. Everyone I’ve talked with to work on the problem has had such a defensive stance deflecting any problems from themselves and at one point I was even accused of being impatient when I first brought up a problem with support. Even though I’ve gotten my money finally after a whole month of waiting without any help or communication back from support, it was without any letter of apology or explaining what happened. The bank statement didn’t even have OfferUp’s name on it. Real pathetic. If they want to succeed they should start listening to their users and stop bs’ing their way out of real and serious problems. Even their blog moderators and “high level” members of their community act immature with this “high and mighty” act. What’s even the purpose of all of your points and levels if you can’t even help with a real problem like this? Why would you want to support this shady company? I’d be ashamed to be defending them. Not trying to bash anyone in particular but OfferUp as a whole has been a joke.
I'm sorry my thoughts just went too "Everyone I’ve talked with" Someone people say they don't respond at all and I don't know how "robotic copy paste responses" are "defensive stances"
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Do you work for OfferUp? Why are you defending them so hard lol.. I’m just saying they’re a company that needs to get their technical support together. How can you not agree with that. And I don’t even understand the rest of your comment. Read my entire message idk how hard it could be to possibly understand
No Have a great night
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Lol ok. Idk why you felt the need the respond to my message. Same to all of the other users trying to defend OfferUp to the bone. Unless you all work for them... shady. Legit I’m not even trying to get a response from anyone or pick a side. This is just an update of what I’ve learned from my experience and I’m just passing it on to anyone that might be interested.
@esc2010 I'm sorry you're not understanding I was responding to all the comments in general of it being either one or the other. No need to assume. Have a good night
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Ok, time for me to step in again because it looks like there are a lot of assumptions here @esc2010.


@BrightMoonstone does not work for OfferUp, however, she is what we'd consider a power-seller. She knows the rules and guidelines inside and out. @tdeluiz45 I had previously warned you about following the guidelines and you have refused to do so. I will send you a PM alerting you to the status of your forums account here shortly.


The arguing has got to stop. There are ways to keep conversations civil, even when upset. If you are experiencing issues with your OfferUp account, please go to the proper teams. I am not able to help with account related questions and specifics.