Need a list of all prior messages from buyers

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There has to be a way to check back to see if someone has sent me messages in the past to be able to know if they have been no show previously so I can plan ahead and just block them if it happens again. With so many IDs repeating each other I can't keep track of who stood me up or just bothered me with tons of useless messages just to never buy anything. 


I want to be able to see previous contacts made with them to be sure they are not just wasting more time. I get more and more buyers saying they are on their way but never ever reply back after that. I block most of them but sometimes I get more messages and forget to block them since I'm busy.

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@zinda--It's hard when there are no shows. What I do is as soon as they don't show up, or I wait & reach out to the potential buyer, & don't receive feedback, I immediately report the person & block them. You can also go back & click on the item (even if you've archived it), & see previous communication between you & that person. For additional support & feedback, I would encourage you to reach out to customer care:

OfferUp Customer care

--I hope everything works out!! Take care!!
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Same Here!

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Part of what you're saying mAkes no sense since any previous messages I have on any 1 item are always posted along with the newest messages. What I'm saying is knowing all other items that person has messaged me on before. I can't go through 1000 old posts to see if I talked with them before. Many times I'll see the same ID and I can remember if they were just a neuscence or said they'd be coming by tomorrow and didn't show up, but with so many messages constantly it'd be nice to be able to do a quick check and go through those messages to figure out if I should even reply or just block them right then.
Having a list showing the other items they messaged me on would make it much easier to get rid of problem buyers without blocking good ones who may have a similar or same name posted.
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@zinda--Thank you for the clarification. I totally understand. In your original message it wasn't 100% clear. Thank you!!