Need contact info (Someone sold me stolen iPhone)

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I bought an iPhone 8 plus from someone last month. I checked the imei and it was clean. Last week the phone got blocked because there is a payment on it that the individual did not make. I found his profile on Offer Up but I do not have any other way to get in touch with him. I paid almost $500 for it and I want to do whatever I can to fix this. Can anyone help me out and give me suggestions on what to do?

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Hmm, well... you can file a police report. But they may keep it and return it to it's rightful owner.

OfferUp can provide authorities with the user profile and all relevant info. once you file.

As for your money, just hope police / detectives are free enough to set something up and catch the user.

Honestly. You'd most likely be doing it out of principal not money though, since there is a very small chance you'll get it back if it ever gets to small claims court.

You can also contact support, so they have you logged bringing this to their attention.

In short. Block and report the user from within the app, do not contact him → Contact OfferUp Support → File a Police Report → follow up with your detective if they provide one → small claims if they are successful in getting the guys info

How did you check the imei?

OfferUp Support:
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I am sorry this happened to u, but honestly I worked at a pawn shop for 3 years and our customers loan their phone then immediately report it stolen! It is technically insurance fraud but when I worked there Lakewood police told us themselves there’s nothing they can do about it....
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I'm not sure if my original message went thru. Did you ever get that resolved? I had the same thing happen to me yesterday.
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How did you pay and what did you use to check the imei?