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Hello everyone, 


I have a tablet (Android Version 6.0) which never updated from the beginning. My OfferUp version is 2.23.2. I think there must be some more updates which I've never seen when I always check the new updates button on Google play store. How can I get a new version of OfferUp? Cuz I can not see even received/seen the messages icon. Please let me know if there is anything to fix that!


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latest version is 2.58.0
OU apps not updates to latest could be due to your OS version (latest OS is 8.0.0) is not competible with latest OU apps version

Thanks for your prompt response @Dad_Tired


I admit that my OS has old version of the Android. So I do not anticipate to get the latest version of the OfferUp but I wonder whether can I convergence newer versions of it. 

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@CarmenRamirez if you can download from Google store that it is food news but if not then you might consider checking apps setting for both OU apps and from the phone setting under notifications or apps. Sometimes alert might be disabled from the system level.