Never received my refund

Level 1

I filed two claims. Provided my transaction ID on the first and random ID in the second because I couldn't find it. Basically my money was taken, the order was cancelled and neither I nor the seller have the money. Offerup support never got back to me either. They said I would get a confirmation email shortly but I never recieved that either. There is no such thing as buyer protection. Be careful buying things through offerup, especially if you're paying with card. 

Community Helper

Welcome - @AbeExcode when reaching out to support, my best advice I always give is to wait for a response. Because the OfferUp teams work through payments inquiries in the order in which they were received and are working as fast as possible to get through these inquiries. please be sure to only submit just one request per inquiry. opening multiple tickets on the same issue will just cause delays slowing down the process. Just a thought you may want to check your junk mail for the response from OfferUp just in case it may show up in there. I’ve added the buyer protection information if need.