New and confused about how OfferUp Works

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Hi, I am a new user who would like to use OfferUp to dispose of some useful items online and look for collectable old cameras to **bleep** film. 


I should have done more research on how OfferUp works before jumping in head-first, but now I am in the mix and have to swim...


I have 3 purchases in play right now and all 3 involve shipping and have been wildly confusing for both the seller and the buyer.


The first purchase was accepted by the seller, but failed to ship before the 5 or 6 day deadline (which is it, I see it both ways on OfferUp?) and the sale was automatically cancelled by OfferUp just after he shipped the item.  THAT caused an uproar;  the seller thought I was some scam artist, but once they calmed down, I confirmed the package was actually shipped and was headed my way, I assured the seller that I would pay them.  So, now OfferUp shows both the transaction as being cancelled in my message section AND as a finished transaction in the seller's profile!


So now, the seller has an item in transit and no way to claim the funds!  However, the camera was automatically re-listed as for sale (how is that possible if there is a completed transation on the item within his profile?).  So, I suggested to the seller that, since I could not get any response from OfferUp support, that I resend the offer and he could accept it, hoping that would straigten out the problem.  Well, my seller accepted the new offer, but PUT AN INVALID TRACKING NUMBER IN THE SHIPPING PAGE.  Arrggg...  So now it appears the item will arrive with no way to link it back to the sale!  THEN, I get an auto generated message copied to me and the seller, reminding the seller to ship as soon as possible!  What a mess!


A second transation; the item is shipped, a tracking number is posted and boom, the buyer is PAID before the item has even left the USPS shipper site and remains stuck there days later.  Really?


The third transaction:  It took about 5 tries to get this transaction going, but the item FINALLY got here but I never got a delivered notificaiton and am not sure I have cleared her to get paid!


I really would like to use OfferUP a lot, but my experiences so far have been far from encouraging.



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Bleep?  How about "do photography with film".  Amazing...

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Oh yes, I forgot to add that the one item that actually has made it to me, arrived with $8.20 postage due.  Why? This makes no sense. 

@kinemech we are not allowed to enter tracking numbers. Offerup emails us the preset tracking numbers and postage from their system. I have no idea how shipping in 8.20 there is no setting within Offerup shipping for 8.20 shipping.
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The $8.20 was postage due when the package arrived.  Admittedly I only paid $5 through OfferUp for postage, which I thought was low, but that's pretty far off the actual shipping price.


Is this normal practice to ship postage due if the postage quoted by OfferUp is not enough to cover shipping?


Just asking...

I never heard of anyone paying postage due. That's crazy, it's not your fault the seller didn't add correct postage. I would say this would be something with any online service if incorrect postage was used. I know for Ebay if the postage is wrong the post office notifies Ebay and they will charge the account or credit card on file.

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Same here, never heard of COD (ICOD) aka Collect on Delivery Import Charges within the US 🤔