New hold system?

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Is there no other way to pay in person in cash anymore. I don't want my card to be on hold Everytime I message a seller to buy something. I use this app to specifically but with cash in person. I do not want to use my debit card. How can I bypass the hold system?
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There is no need to hold if you dont want to. There is a workaround where you can send the seller a message and ask them if they want x amount. You can negotiate from there.


Do you see these 3 options when clicking on an offer?


1. Ship to me
2. Hold for pickup
3. Message seller


If you choose #3, you should be able to message the seller as usual.   Howver, If your only option is #2, make contact with customer support here .

I do not like the new ‘hold’ system and will not use a credit card. I made an offer to the seller through the ‘Ask’ tab.
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The Hold feature is completely optional! It's a feature we've had requested for YEARS!! You do not have to use this feature, and can message the seller the "old" way or regular way if you don't want to use Hold.

Really you had requests to completely remove the offer system built into the app and replace it with vague text communication? I don’t believe you at all. The app is usable as a buyer but dear god I can’t imagine how frustrating this must have been as a seller. Terrible terrible move and the fact that you seem somehow involved in the corporate structure of the company just makes me lose faith in the app completely. RIP.
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@iiota @Mj_206 is an employee of Offerup. They had requests to put in the hold for pickup, but not remove the Offer button. Please see my response for a workaround or @factsdontcare response as well.
Thanks Aiden I figured you would show up to offer your “work around”. Seems kind of weird we’re still using a “work around” 6 months after this issue was first brought up on the forums. Your replies may be helpful to some but if you read my comment you would know I obviously know that messaging people is an option for buyers. What is the “work around” for sellers exactly? I can tell you: use another platform. Again: RIP. Stop defending them if they’re not cutting you a check. Butt out and let the community manager explain himself why they removed the offer feature completely from the app.
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@Mj_206 isnt always on the forums which is why community helpers like me are here. I cancel the hold and tell the buyer that I only accept cash. Buyers always have the option of messaging. I've had more than my fair share of messages within the last 6 months asking for an offer and only 1 hold for pickup. They didn't do away with any features.
Great idea on your part. As a community helper you no doubt have a clearer understanding and perspective on the issue and are able to work around it. Unfortunately I know from personal experience that the demographic of this app is not just community helpers or people who post on forums. I googled this issue and found 5-6 threads about it. I’m just doing my part to add this thread to the annals of time hopefully with a cathartic reply from a community manager taking some accountability as opposed to using flowery customer relations speak like they’re Apple Engineers. The app is called OfferUp not HoldforPickUp so let us make and receive offers. Thanks for your help Aiden but you’ve done your part.