New search thread now includes out of area items

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I'm more than annoyed by this, and hoping it's a Sunday glitch as sometimes happens with the app. Has anyone else noticed that the results of items coming up in search contains items that are it if State etc.? I'd really like to toggle this feature "off" if someone can figure out how!
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I absolutely hate this feature and when you try to click on pick up only, nothing works. I will not use this app for buying out of state, Offerup does not protect its buyers as I have already clearly learned from experience but it now seems like they are trying to force people to buy out of state because the pick up only button is not operational. I will no longer use offerup as it is worthless to me know being unable to look only locally. I click the pickup only button and all it does is remove the little shipping box icon but all the results are exactly the same, far out of state. Oh, and the search function won't work either, so now I can't look at anything local. Why change it?! Leave stuff that's working alone already! If people wanted to ship, they use EBay, we don't need offerup for that especially when it's not working and the buyer is not protected as they are on EBay. Oh well, back to eBay and Craigslist it is.
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It's not just you. I can't get any items to load closer than 2000 miles from me. I just listed a car for sale and I can't even find it. Maybe I should've listed it in Florida.
Dear Mam’
I am experiencing the same thing and so is my boyfriend, but I certainly don’t think it’s intentional. I believe it’s a glitch in the latest update or there are server issues going on.
Please take it from someone who understands your frustration but that has worked in the IT industry since the industry basically started, little idiosyncrasies like this happen all the time.
I can assure you I am in no way affiliated with the company but am certain they are not trying to drive away users. Finding the problem in thousands of lines of code can be a nightmare for the poor souls that are searching for it and I am certain they are doing all they can to address and fix the issue ASAP.
Things that happen in life are not always personal they are simply something for us to better our personal character by choosing to respond in a positive manner. Give the app a couple of days to resolve its issue and then come back.
I’m sorry if you’re having a bad day I’ll pray you find some solace in knowing that we’ve all been there and you’re certainly not alone in whatever you’re facing. Hold on and it will get easier.
God Bless.
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They need to fix this issue. I can't get anything to load that is close to me and it won't apply the distance I want.
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This feature that dilutes a users buying experience is the absolute worst so called upgrade OfferUp has pushed on it's community.


PLEASE give us buyers a way to TURN OFF NON LOCAL ADS!


Thanks! =)