New to the forum..suggestions welcome amd much appreciated on selling faster!!

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@MalinMoon Hiii. Have you been able to check out our Pro Tips forum or Tips blog? Lots of amazing tips in both of those places!

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@MalinMoon let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum
I sure the other members will be glad to give you more advice,
Here’s a thread with tips that may help you
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Hello!! I'm clickin away and reading it all. Lol. I was looking for an answer to a question before I post to ask, maybe u can help....after u have bLocked someone on offer up is there a way to unblock them?? I blocked someone due to harassment, but it ended up being the wrong profile. I dont know how to find the wrong peraon and unblock em.
Help or advice much appreciated

Thanks, malin☆
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Idk why I didn't get on the offer up forum train guys are ridiculously awesome!!Smiley Happy what an amazing welcome!! I got that warm and fuzzy feeling. Lol.
Thanks a bunch, for the quick replies, and being so friendly. Im a born and raised Florida girl, but live in Arizona now. These few mins in here have felt more like home than the past 7 years out hear -outside cyberspace.
Hope that sounds right and not like a whack-job. Ha ha
Thanks y'all!!! #offerupfam
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@MalinMoon...Don't worry about it as the "blocking" option is only ad/posting specific and NOT user/account specific. FYI, there is NO option to totally block a user, as the blocking process is only enacted in relation to the specific item(s) in question.

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Hi @MalinMoon I’m also in AZ, glad you found the forum, I usually use the following feature in case I need to find the person later to unblock you can follow someone by going to the persons profile page and tap on follow before reporting and blocking that person, following the same information to unfollow by tapping on following in profile page, after a short time following the person I’ve block if I feel no need to keep following them, I remove them from my follow folder.
here’s the OfferUp information on unblocking,

Home Reputation How do I unblock a user?
How do I unblock a user?
Unblocking a user is slightly different depending on the device you're using.

First, go to the user's profile by clicking on their picture from any of their items.


For iOS, click on the Unblock icon in the top right corner.
For Android, click on the circle-slash icon in the top right corner.
For Web, click on the Flag icon in the user's profile picture (bottom right corner) .
If you can't find the user, please contact support with the following information:

The name of the person you'd like to have unblocked.
The name of an item that you interacted on.
If you had a conversation with the user, tell us what the topic of the message was.
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Looks like you got some help, I'd like to throw in my two cents by quoting a recent response:

First and foremost welcome 😁

There's a couple main things to keep in mind.

Ask questions if you're a buyer, the more the better.

Inspect any items thoroughly before committing.

A persons profile may give you an idea of how they do business.

If you're a seller ask them if they have questions, provide accurate details in your posts / ads and take well lit images.

Be polite and direct.

Don't ignore anyone if you can help it, you wouldn't want to be ignored so don't do it to others.

Avoid possible confrontation by blocking — don't stress yourself out.

Try to contribute in the forums whenever you're able.
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@MalinMoon Not at all!! We're so happy you are here with us!

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Reply much appreciated.....and I cldnt agree more.
Something we sld all remember, even tho unfortunately not all were taught or care to follow-treat others the WAY YOU want to be treated. (: best quote ever!!
Thanks again. Thus forum is full of the nicest people!! Thanks again