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Hey guys, I just posted my first ad on OfferUp and was wondering how long Dow it take for your listing to show up? I posted a Google Pixel listing here on OfferUp and on Craigslist at the same time. My Craigslist listing is showing as it should but I can’t find my listing in the OfferUp CellPhones category. Dos it normally take couple of hours for your ad to post or what’s the deal? Please help as I’m confused at the moment.

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Takes about 25sec to show.

Make sure in your Offers tab that it is in the Cellphone section.

Also, make sure that the description is accurate and you used a photo of your actual phone and not a stock image.

A bot may have ghosted it if that is the case.
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It may be the name, I remember something similar happen to me.

Try making it more direct and add any details in the description.

Maybe "Google Pixel 2 XL 128GB UNLOCKED"
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Hi @JasperPerkins I noticed in your posts you have a business cards, in some of your photos, with phone numbers, also I noticed in your profile background picture you also have your contact information - phone number. that could have been what caused your issue.