No Show After Address Is Provided

Hi there. I don't know you, but I searched on our OU community forum, found ur concern, & this us what precisely happened to me today. For various reasons, & bc of something that happened to me personally, 2016, I did not even tie the 2 events together, until I looked at her profile agn, & where she was coming from. My stomach went cold. I am really scared, & I have never been scared on OU, buying or selling.
Buyer kept msg'ing me for directions from 5 miles away, I'm thinking "she has GPS like everyone else", gets in my street (she said), & asked is it rd, st, ave, or drive. Anyway, she *said she was on my street, absolute no show. & This was for *free elephant ear plants. Bc of what happened 3 yes ago, I'm afraid for my safety. I've reached out to OU rep or admin. So far nothing. I'm considering getting off OfferUp due to fear now, not OfferUp's fault. My fault & not thinking the way schemers think. Now they have my address. Tbh, I'm really frightened. Any advice, pls?
- EllerBee