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This is just something you have to deal with when selling.  You suck it up and move on but here is how you deal with it beforehand:

You tell the buyer you will be at the meet location at a specific time and that you will be there for 15 minutes.  After 15 minutes, you are leaving unless they contact you.

Sometimes bad stuff happens to people like a few years ago I had a CL transaction and the guy didnt show and wouldnt reply.  Turns out he was in a bad car wreck and hospitalized.  I ended up doing the deal with him but had to go to his house cause he had pins in his legs.  Ironically, I was selling him a bike rack which he wouldnt be able to use for 6 months.  I think I ended up just giving it to him.  I had another guy get pulled over for speeding and then arrested for an unpaid tick.  Stuff happens and some people are disrespectful. I have been selling online for a long time - Be clear that there is a 15 minute window and that is it.

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I replied in the thread but in case you dont see it - I tell my buyers that I will be at the location for 15 minutes so unless they contact me they cant come or running late, I am gone. If we set at 1:00, I am pulling out of there at 1:15PM. The key is to take control and set expectations - this method allows them a grace period and to contact you, there is no excuse for many people to not do one or the other,.
What happens when a profile is reported? I feel like the person being reported should get a warning after so many reports explaining the rules they aren't following (like if they've no showed and been reported by two different sellers they'd receive a message from the site explaining that if they are reported for it again they will be banned) Perhaps it will give the buyers incentive to change their ways or communicate better. No seller is going to flip out if the buyer sends a message that they are no longer interested or will be unable to make (at least I hope they wouldn't) but it becomes extremely frustrating when your left in a parking lot waiting for the person who never shows up or messages 20 minutes later giving some obviously BS excuse. It's a waste of the sellers time and takes away from other buyers who did want the item but have since found what they are looking for elsewhere.
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Aarghh! Same here! Sooo many new accounts with no information. It’s like they’re asking just to waste people’s time on purpose. About 99% of the people that message me don’t bother to answer. Even worse are the no-shows. I absolutely agree that there should be a tally of no-shows on everyone’s profile. Then they would take it more seriously, I think.
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I posted a bunch last night a d it said I had 19 alerts, but when I opened the app, there were none
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I have only had this happen once...So I make sure to check there profile if they jst joined and don't have any post at all,then that's a red flag for me...of which I ignore since doing this haven't had any troubleSmiley Happy Hope this helps
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That is a good thing, meeting at a pharmacy, close by. Also, having the cell of the buyer. Question: Are all your transactions cash or PayPal or the like?
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Yes it’s really frustrating I know, I’m sure OfferUp is trying really hard to come up with a fix soon.
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Same here... no shows are going to happen, the seller in protecting them selves has to take measures to make see how committed the buyer is or isnt and meet at a public place close to you so you not wasting time and gas if the person doesn't show. I always take the first come first serve business model because no matter how convincing and reassuring someone expresses interest and guarantees to be there thier is always that possibility they cant make it and hopefully you havnt passed on other offers potiential sales gone because someone else soundes so instrested that thiers no way you would think otherwise. Always look out for you first....Peace
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Craigslist nightmares all over again!!
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Exercise your patience Smiley Wink