No clue what to do.

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Iv had Offer up for awhile.Was doing good.Now. I can't put item sold,delete item,I don't receive my messages anymore when someone interested in an item.My pic disappear,my email,my #.EVERYTHING I do says error.I have to much stuff to repost.Have no clue what to do or even make a new account.I'm frustrated 😠 Can anyone HELP PLEASE!!!
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@socogirl69 welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

socogirl69 first don’t make a new account on the same device OfferUp will see it as spam and flagged your account., can you tell me what the error message is saying.?, till then here’s something for you to try., I’ll also add the customer care link below as well.,😎🇬🇧

Android or iOS.,
you could try signing-out-uninstalling and reinstalling the app -re-sign-into the OfferUp app, also rebooting your phone. 

Error messages

I always recommend updating the app and clearing any cache/cookies for each device and browser you use to connect to OfferUp on. This will give your app a little refresh and typically resolves most error messages.,

You can troubleshoot yourself by signing out (clearing app cache / data) and then try to sign back in.

If the issue persists, you can ask if the servers are down for maintenance — at the OfferUp Twitter

OfferUp Customer care
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@socogirl69 Also Error messages saying your about to Violate OfferUp guidelines

Community Standards/Guidelines:

Posting Rules:

Usually mean you are doing something against OfferUp guidelines, which is fixable! Just make sure you aren't sending out personal information or sending people the same exact message as it may be flagged as spam. This person should help you moving forward. If your still having isues, I would recommend contacting,

You should be able to message after 24/48 hours, if not again contact OfferUp customer care.

OfferUp Customer care
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@socogirl69, had some problem for last few days. Uninstall and reinstall fixed the problem for my case
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@socogirl69 here’s more information,

Error when trying to send a message

Are you getting an error message every time saying something along the lines of “Please refresh page and try again.” If so try moving from you phone to your computer to see if you get the same error.,

Are you dealing with a high value item?, If so It could mean you or the seller needs to verify their phone number through the mobile app. It’s because of keeping both members safety when dealing in high value items., if so you will need to contact the OfferUp customer care from the link above. 😎🇬🇧 Edit; 🔚