No response from offerup

I put in for a return through the offerup buyer protection 2 days ago and have not received any response or even confirmation email. I then put in a request for an update through the same link today, still with no response or confirmation email that it was even received. Is offerup closed on the weekends? I only have 3 days and this is day 3. I really do not want to lose my money because offerup dropped the ball. Is there a phone number that I can call?

I'm in the exact same boat you are, I posted on here yesterday too but no response yet and I'm worried the seller is going to get paid even though I filed a protection claim.  There is no phone number for support, it's bizarre but that simply does not exist.  I tried sending private messages to a couple of the admins/managers for this forum but I'm not sure if they have seen them yet.  No idea what to do at this point, I'm just really hoping that someone somewhere is receiving and addressing these claims.  I've read through a bunch of these posts and this seems to be a fairly common occurence then someone from offerup will eventually say "sorry we tried emailing you but you never got back to us so your claim was denied" or something like that. Good luck to us both.... Hope yours wasn't too expensive I"m on the hook for over $200 for a phone I was shipped that turned out to be a fake.  

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I am in the same boat. I received a phone that was supposed to be unlocked but it is locked. The seller itself agreed to issue a refund when i return. But no acknowledgement email from offerup after submitting a buyer protect claim. Has anyone been successful with the claims? Do they send a shipping label or am i responsible? This is day two. I regret using offerup to save some bucks.