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I listed 2 items so far, and none had the option to appear as shippable. At no point in the listing or editing process is there an option to list the items as available nationally. I live in New York. They are both small electronics worth less than $500.

OfferUp's customer support has been of no help. They have demonstrated a complete lack of knowledge as to how the application and website work.

Things I have tried:

  • Logged out of the app, rebooted, logged in again.
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled the app.
  • Confirmed that my phone, email, and TruYou credentials were confirmed.

When I view the items on a PC, they are listed as "available for local pickup". For some reason, however, there is no visible way to edit the items on a PC. Brilliant.

Would appreciate any help.

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I also live in NYC and as it turns out, by default if they see a buyer is local, there’s no shipping button available to them.

I’ve pleaded with OfferUp to make the shipping option standard and meet up optional. I will choose to ship 100% of the time because my items can all fit in a box, it’s worth it for both parties to pay $5-$10 shipping rather than waste hours in traffic (even 2 miles apart this is a huge hassle in NYC), SAFETY (I don’t feel comfortable physically meeting strangers carrying valuables on me) and no shows.. I also don’t like people to come into my home with small children.

I’ve told OfferUp they’re actually leaving a ton of money on the table by detecting locations and removing the shipping button. When people use their app to checkout they make money.. When we are forced to meet up, the transaction is in cash and they lose hundred of thousands of dollars in potential revenue.

It’s very frustrating. I’ve lost so many sales because either the party didn’t want to travel to me or I wasn’t comfortable meeting a stranger and was tiring of no shows .. Time is extremely valuable to us adults.. We want to deal with buyers.. not people who go ghost or show up to offer 10% of asking price.

Please allow the shipping option for all listings even locally!

Another issue I’ve had are out of town visitors wish to buy but the location picks up as them being near me and removes the shipping option.

Mercari doesn’t have this problem. I truly love OfferUp but may have to move business to Mercari because of this.
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I couldn't agree with you more.
What is more astounding is that all of the OfferUp reps I've spoken to actually think THAT THERE IS A SHIPPING OPTION AND THAT IT'S AN ISSUE WITH THE APP. I've dealt with clueless company representatives before, but their stupidity takes the cake. They've been promising since May to fix the issue with the app, but it's not an issue with the app! Like you said, there is simply no option. I'm not trying to get **bleep** in a parking lot in Brooklyn, and I'm not spending an hour on the Belt Parkway to get to Queens and sell an old tablet for $40. This is insane.
(Edit: they bleeped the word "m u g g e d", like an airline that cuts the airplane scenes out of the movies. Morons.)
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Same! It's astounding to me... Even if they don't care about their community of OfferUp'd think they'd be at least smarter from a business standpoint and allow shipping ..Allowing shipping means the transaction is ONLINE..not in cash..and they get their fees...and seriously..their sales would double because even outside of NYC most of us rather pay a few bucks in shipping, when possible, than waste our time scheduling and going to pick something up. 

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I am in the same boat. I faded out for a while. Back then there was a big deal made and provided to sellers for shipping. Seems we've increase the previous limited number of pictures and lost the shipping/post outside of your surrounding area. Not liking this updated version.