No show no response issues

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Ive been doing this for awhile now. I’ve set very specific criteria for me to even leave the house. Most of my tips came from Facebook selling groups. Getting payment via CashApp, PayPal or Venmo plus porch pickup has cut down on no shows. If you insist on paying cash, I dont give out my address until you are on your way. I give them a general area or a business address. If we do meet, it’s at the Police Station around the corner.
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So glad you decided to share your experiences with the Community! Engaging with other members in the OfferUp Community helps it grow! 👍😊
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I agree it's about communicating & follow through. It's easy for people to say brush it off, but if people are agreeing to meet, your traveling & wasting gas, walking to meet up or whatever & the person doesn't at least state they've had a change of heart it is frustrating & unfortunate. Thanks for sharing!!
New here but this definitely goes on in other areas of my life
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In many levels we can all relate in some way, shape or form. Thanks for sharing!!
Guess I'll have to try Craigslist,sorry to say
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I so feel you. Same.
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Gratitude most helpful. Namaste'
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I have come to the conclusion that people will always be people! This has happened to me many times! You kind of get the feel for people as to how there the real deal or not. Just try to have a little more patience. All you really have to do is breath. 🙏
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I came here looking to ask this same question. People who stop responding, I can understand. I don't appreciate it but I understand.

I had a person make an appointment with me at 4pm on Friday. I didn't hear from him at 4 so figured he was a no show, but he messaged me at 4:30 and asked if we could meet at 5. 5 came and went and asked if we could meet at 6. Then 7. Then 8. Then 10. I'm a night owl and I already wasted the entire night waiting for him so said "we can still meet". No show, no response, no nothing. Then the next day he texted and asked if we could meet on Sat. It was a high value item so I said "yes but because of what you did last night, I'm reluctant". He promised he wanted the item and was ready to buy at the agreed upon price.

He lives about an hour away and asked if I could meet him at the halfway point. I hesitate but end up reluctantly agreeing. I spend 2 hours at the meet (on top of the 3 hours of messaging before Friday and 5 hours of waiting on Friday) with him going over the product and then he informs me he has no money but hopes to take the item and make payments. I was furious.

I gave myself some time to cool down but I'm wondering if this is the type of person I should report.

He was a total time waster and lied/misrepresented his intentions during every step of the process and had consideration for no one's time but his own.