No subject or price on android mobile platform

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On the Android mobile app, there are no subject lines/titles, text, or price info on item search results.
Just a scrolling list of pictures. 

How the heck am I suppose to know what the posting is for if all I can see is some tiny low-quality photo of something being sold which may not be what I'm looking for?


Example on Mobile:


Example on Web Browser:


How do we get subject lines and pricing info to show in the Mobile platform? It's essentially useless for searching, so I always have to use a web browser to find things and then it's annoying to switch back to the app to post because you can't post in the web browser either. It's like both are half broken sooooo I end up using both.

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That was removed a while back.

I can only speculate why.

Possibly aesthetics and formatting which seems reasonable on mobile.

Try posting this in the suggestion thread.

In the future I would also get your links approved by an Admin before posting them as they are generally not allowed.
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Thanks for the tip @goblin I'll ping an admin first next time.


Any way to put in a feature request or submit a support request for this? I searched around but it seems offerup doesn't want you to contact them directly.


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Admin @Mj_206 or Android Dev @willshelor may be able to give more insight.

I looked around but can't find the old suggestion thread either.

It was pretty active, although it may have been named something different and that's why I can't locate it.

I'd say start your own suggestion thread and we can all contribute to it and make that the official one. I can link people there when they ask or make their own suggestions.

The OfferUp team has said some features were implemented based on our suggestions so let's make them easier to find from now on.


As far as I know the links we do have are support specific.