Non Buyers

Level 4

I have noticed recently that I get a lot of NON Buyers viewing my items. I wish OfferUp would display a list of the people viewing items so we as seller can decide whom to not deal with! Also get messages from people who have been on App for over 6 months and they have not SOLD or BOUGHT anything! Why download an App you are not gonna use? OfferUp needs to start WEEDING these people out!

Level 9
These suggestions honestly seem impossible to implement or would make the app less user friendly.

Is there another website / app that does this as an example?

If anything, there's the block function so you can decide yourself.

It's also possible some people who have bought and sold items, simply don't rate people.

I've experience this before, this one guy didn't rate me back and he remained at no stars, avatar or listings.

His choice, even though everything went great from ny perspective.