Non-responders! People who message then NEVER message back!!!

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This is the absolute most infuriating thing on this app. Out of about 50 messages on my items, either I get messages asking "is it still available?" Or "I would like to buy your.....for $$$" I respond immediately. I rarely let a message sit unread for very long. I'll get ONE sale out of 50 or more messages on a single item. I always respond with, "yes it's available. When are you available to meet?" And I never EVER hear back. Except for MAYBE 1 or 2 times. I give them 3 days to respond, which is more than fair. If after yet another day with no response, I'll report them as "problems with messaging" this is so incredibly annoying and I don't understand why people will message, asking if it's available or say they want to buy it if they can't simply respond to my message. I take very good, detailed pictures and write an even better description with price and meet-up location. I even get people who will ask something about it, which is described/explained in the info. It's as if people take one look at the picture and message without so much as even reading the description.
It's not even just in this app, I've tried letgo as well to see maybe if it's due to bots or some other reason every person is a complete flake, but nope. Exact same thing. An initial message, a response from me and nothing is ever said again, except when I follow up with asking if they are still interested.
Does anyone else have it this bad? It makes selling items very discouraging, almost to the point where I am tempted to go back to CraigsList, which I haven't yet, thankfully because you don't get a personalized profile like OfferUp!!! You still never know who you're going to meet (if it ever gets to that point it seems) but at least OfferUp seems a bit more legit, than CraigsList with having personalized profiles.
I just don't know what to do anymore about people who can't respond other than report and block a ton of profiles.
I appreciate you taking the time in reading my post, it's my first so, any and all responses are very much welcome(:

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Oh my gosh yes! These type of people infuriate me! Especially the ones that make an offer. You respond accepting in seconds even and then silence.
Today I had a person say they want to buy. I explained I had a full price offer already so they up'd their offer and said avail and in the area now. I confirmed with first person to see if they could match. They could not. So I let higher offer know and accepted said I was ready now also. And then 4 hours later they retracted their offer. So I lost that and the original sale because original offer purchased elsewhere.
It is so incredibly rude. If you're not actually interested do not say you are interested. If you don't plan on following through dont make an actual offer.
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@Mrsk69, out of 100% inquiries, 90% are troll or window shoppers, 10% are serious and 1% buys... We are looking for that 1%er..
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I've experienced this, but not as often.

Unfortunately rude people with no manners are everywhere.

Back in the day, Craiglist appeared to be more legitimate because you were more or less required to provide a phone number.

Email was available too, but mobile was more direct and to the point— you could say it was the preferred method to do business.

Buyers were very wary about giving out their personal number to total strangers.

So they really considered their investment in time and privacy before contacting the other party.

My point is.

Nowadays, anyone with a smart phone is able to download any selling app and message — and stop messaging — without fear of consequence.

Nothing personal is given out, even less so if you don't meet up at home.

My current state of mind is

— so they stopped messaging after I provided a location? eh whatever —

then move on with my day.

I advise you not rely on the potential money either, if you are.

It will hype you up and you'll be thinking on what it will be spent on next.

Walk away from your phone for a while after your first message to get you in the habit.

Also I agree, people should honestly read descriptions.

I find myself reminding buyers to do that simple thing, instead of playing 20 questions.
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Yes people are always messaging once then it's as if they dropped off of the face of the earth, as far as advice, i guess i would say one thing when planning to meet you should always pick somewhere public like a restaurant or CVS just so you are safe. 😊 I wish there was a app to filter through all these fake buyers it really is frustrating!!!!!
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Omgosh!! You hit the nail on the head with this! I don't get that either, and I am also one who responds within a few minutes and always give detailed pictures and detailed description on the item for sale. I don't understand why does people say "Ready to buy, in the area, cash in hand". And when I respond with a time/place, they start with the "I don't get off work til so and so time" or "Let me ask my wife/husband first". Um, no, deals off. Don't make it out like you are in the area my profile says I am from and you're ready to meet now when clearly you're at home, broke and playing games on your phone. I blocked people as well that do the "I would like to purchase this for....." And then do not ever reply once I've responded. Who does that? I get so annoyed with the questions that are answered in my post, so it's funny all the things you mentioned BC it's a mirror of my frustrations too. I tell people one answer if it's a one or two word answer, but if they keep going I just say they can refer to the post as the information they are asking for and much more is provided for them to read. "Does it work". Well I have "works great with no issues" in my post, and do you think someone who's trying to sell a broken item is going to be honest and say "no, it doesn't. I'm sorry, I lied. So you probably aren't interested anymore. Thanks". I am not a scammer and I offer a written money back guarantee to anyone who purchased an item that they have to take home and plug in to see, BC that will hold up legally if I were to just not answer and someone was out of their money. I don't know how someone could do that to another person, I have too big of a conscious. Plus, I'm not hurting for money, this is just for my nest egg, so if they come or go I will be okay. But that doesn't mean I don't get annoyed or impatient. I've had 3 people in the past 2 years who made plans to meet up and they never showed, never answered my messages. One was at 6:00am the next morning. I have 3 kids and I got up early on a weekend when I get to finally sleep in and you just no call/no show. What adult does that??
Anyways, God bless. Thank for letting me vent.
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Happens to me everyday. I've just learned to never count my chickens before they hatch on this app. It's a great app and I love offer up but ppl ruin it sometimes with being so flaky.. I respond within seconds usually as well and 80% of the time never get a response back. I get offers made., I accept and then no response...just today a guy had me make him two snake statues and when I asked when we could meet he said he was at work and hell message me later.. Later came and no word.. So I ask when we can meet again and get no reply... So he made an order and then flaked... I've even had ppl say they were on the way and never show up.. Leaving me waiting for an hour or more. Now I don't leave the house till. They arrive at the meet up.. (I'm. Five minutes away)
Ppl say they want to buy then ask where I am located and then I tell them and they say it's too far... But why didn't they just check the map first??
So yeah seems to be a normal thing..
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Completely agree the 3 kids part. I have 3 as well. I make plans around the scheduled meet. Today the person said they were in the area now and because we do actually need whatever fund we can get (I am on disability and get very little monthly) that I do my very best to make sure a buyer is happy and to meet the best I can. So I agreed to their price offer and to be available since they were in town "now". Whoch included not going to my kids swim today, their dad took them and I stayed behind to meet. Then they fell off the face of the planet. For 4 hours. I messaged 3 times, once every hour. And when they finally responded all they said was "No thanks".
I even told them I would have to stay behind to meet with them. And still they no-showed. And not even so much as an apology.
I do not understand how people. grown adults, can have such low standards for themselves and no morals on how they treat others.
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I always count my eggs before they hatch,,,,,otherwise my dog used to get away with stealing the eggs

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Agree 100%

If we had a way to rate users who message sellers I think this issue would go away..  I have had the exact same experience you described. 

Flake: "Will you take $XXX.XX (70% lower than asking price)"

Me: "Sigh.. fine.  I'll agree if you buy it today"

Flake: "Cool.  I'll can come by at 2pm"

Me: "Great.  Message me when you are on your way"

Me: "It's 4pm now.. haven't heard from you.  Did you still want to buy this?"

Flake: [Crickets]



Just a thought.