Non-responders! People who message then NEVER message back!!!

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Hi @FerGodSakes there are always gonna be people that dont follow thru with a purchase,,,,,,,,,,no matter the price or how good of deal,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but your post explains a much talked about thing here in the forums,,,,,,,,,,,,,low offers,,,,,,,,,,,,,people make low offers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,because there are folks that accept low offers,,,,,as much as 70 percent off.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,also not following through with a purchase does not make someone a flake,,,,,,,,,,,,maybe they were in a bad accident  and laying unconsious in the hospital,,,,,,,,,,or maybe you said something to offend them and they thought better of it,,,,,,your id you use here in the forums is very offensive to some here

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Or the ones who make an offer, you accept, make appt. tell all other inquiries item is sold. They show up just to be lookers. You know this because you don’t show up in a car to buy a couch.
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I hear you. I get the same issues and I just started on this platform. I always respond to questions or offers, regardless if I’m already meeting someone for a sale. I’ll have some that seem legit, but won’t respond to a meeting or some that will go through the process only to tell you they don’t have the money for it. I guess I just figure that you’ll have 20 or so tire-kickers for every legit buyer, metaphorically.
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-Ciao' @Jflo97-
Surprisingly... have not encountered as many Lookie Loos lately.
Could be the gearing up for the Holiday Season "already"
There are definitely Tire-Kickers in every aspect of Sales!
Much Success to you 👍☺
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I am incredibly frustrated with people doing that to me constantly and a lot lately. I've thought about adding in my description "serious inquiries only please please do not waste my time if you are not going to reply" it may sound rude but maybe it'll stop people from messaging me. if they don't really know for sure, that they want the item or not. I'm just absolutely fed up with it
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Glad to see thats its not a big conspiracy against just me cuz thats what it was starting to feel like, and in increased numbers the last few days. Maybe we on this forum should band together to start a more exclusive platform called: Letgo of your over-clicking mouse and OfferUp some buyer's etiquette.
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Totally agree! Happens to me frequently as well. I am a first with cash is the first in line seller. I tell people no holds. If it's still available when you get paid then we can meet up.
I do get far more of these people plus the no shows and lowballers on Offer Up than any other site I sell on. It is also my lowest producer as far as sales. That being said the site does increase my odds of getting a sale and some of my best sales have come via Offer Up. So, my advice is stick with it. Keep listing. Never hold an item, (an exception to that rule for me are buyers I dealt with multiple times and I know will follow through).
I know for a fact you aren't alone when it comes to this problem. Every single day for the past two months I been getting the is it still available question and countless times I've gotten questions asked that I've already posted in the ad.
The first one is because of an update made to both apps not long ago where they added the pre typed responses and questions. Well this is a nice idea if to lazy to type when trying to make money or hunt bargains. Well what happens is after browsing someones ad and you're trying to get off it and go to the next, well the micro scopic keyboard on the cell phone is my probe. When trying to exit a ad I browse sometimes Ill hit 3 of those auto responses. I think here they now have a "undo" to cancel the messages. It isn't on both apps yet but one of them. I don't think this is 100% the problem though. They aren't advertising the apps anymore. Not here in Cali anyway. I used to see the bowling ball getting sold almost as regularly as the Progressive commercials, nothing now. They seem to start up every 6 months again.
The other problem, well that had me so frustrated for awhile I decided to hire my son to answer the replies. He quit me in a week. Daughter lasted 3 days. But they did get me selling things to people again and not on either of these apps. I don't want to advertise a far better place to sell here on this app because I haven't been charged a dime to sell here. There is far faster and better out there though. The ignorant questions to the best of my thinking can only be caused by either #1. The legalization if weed. Makes people ignorant as f**k. #2. The no English Hispanic read and speakers and #3. Just plain newbies to the app. Took me awhile to see that "more info" button on Letgo and on here I still can't remember all you have to do us scroll down for more details. The Apps are all new. They're still working the bugs out. And don't give up just yet. Good luck.

Whoever gets to you first gets the item.  I would never cancel a sale.  

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Dude, you sound just like me! What you wrote resonates SO well with me bc the SAME Exact Thing happens to me and I JUST started a thread about this a minute ago. I KNOW. What ARE u supposed to do.......??? It will drive you to drink.