Non-responders! People who message then NEVER message back!!!

Agreed having similar experience...what is up with these people that do this.idk its super frustrating for sure.
Agreed, I feel your frustration for sure having similar experience here.don't really understand it.
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Can you leave a detailed description but they still fine the obvious that you didn't State and they ask you that.... its like for real.....
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I've been I've been using this platform for about 3 years here's what I think that offer up needs to do if you make an offer you need to Pony up a credit card and make it a real offer especially if it's a lower offer if you're going to offer lower than what I'm asking then you should have to pay for it upfront then if you don't follow through they charge you a percentage easiest thing I've ever seen in my life that we can do to stop all this all this crap that goes on all day long about people looking and I want to buy something and lower prices they can all card you don't follow through to get hit for 20% and the and the seller gets half of the money and offer up takes the other half now I know that's kind of a dream world that I'm living in but if you offer a price lower than what the seller is asking for you should have to pay for it upfront if you offer a hundred and the offshore asking 200 Pony up your hundred dollars right then and there no refunds unless the seller says no they're not going to sell it for that it just makes the game legit
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Yes this happens to me and it’s very aggravating!
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I love this idea. how can we pit it to OfferUp?
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Only idea I had was to remove their post for a 1 to 2 days strike 1, a week strike 2, and strike 3 a possible year.
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I’ve also had two instances where I bought something, the seller accepted my offer, but then never shipped the item. The sale was canceled and $ returned but very aggravating!
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That's where you went wrong. You allowed the buyer to take too much control by first and far most, accepting the 70% discount on your item. Only two types of people lowball like this. Teenagers or unemployed young adults who don't have anything to do but to **bleep** ppl off over the internet. Resellers who try to get the lowest price possible so they can flip it for a profit. I dealt with one of those two people. The first one did not show up (yes a 15 year old punk kid who refused to respond to andwer my message when a I got to the destination). After those two experiences I vowed never to give into one penny lower than my asking price or agreed upon price (if my price is negotiable).

Don't give the buyers too much control. Don't be desperate to sell your items and don't be desrespected by low ballers.
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Happens to me a lot too no matter which app or sales site. I think ppl message just to save your item for when they have the money or to watch the item to see if you go down? It could be multiple reasons. I have had some ppl say it was an "accident" and didn't mean to click on "buy" or that their kids did it. Everyone I know who uses offerup or any sales site complains about this. I guess I've just learned to ignore it and except it as all part of the process of selling. If i don't get a response after a day or two I just delete or hide the message. Serious buyers ALWAYS get right back to you.