Non-responders! People who message then NEVER message back!!!

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Seriously? Let me tell you as a seller likes... when a buyer buys their stuff! I could care less if the inquiry is made with the pre-written question. I don't need a flowery personal message. I need for thetransaction to be completed as quickly and easily as possible! What a TERRIBLE answer from a "Community Helper"!
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Hello, I’ve been having the same issue lately with this site. I’ve messaged a few sellers about items they have posted for months and I’m still waiting on a reply even after several messages sent. Seller profiles say they respond in minutes but it’s been weeks since I first messaged sellers. It’s annoying and frustrating when you don’t get a response especially when the item has been posted for months. There is no way to alert the seller about the messages cause I’m assuming since it’s been months they having logged on but I’m sure it goes straight through the phone and they should see it.
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@skeeter44 I'm a seller as well. I am speaking the truth as some sellers do not like the prewritten questions and will ignore a buyer if they use them. I like to have a personal response occasionally from a buyer. I need to know that they are truly interested and are willing to invest time and energy into buying my items.
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The map they show is not accurate and it states that. In large areas traffic and distance is an issue.
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Do not be discouraged, they are simply waiting for you to sell one so they can sell another one 😅😅😅😂😂HAPPY $ALE$!!! Just hit BLOCK and move on.
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I'll tell you from my experience when anyone messages me and says that they will come by later or another day 9 1/2 times out of 10 they will not message again that is a fact
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Amen!! I would give this post two thumbs up if possible. People always ask me if it's available and then go ghost never to be heard from again. Last week this happened to me six times. It's do darn frustrating but I suppose it comes with the territory.
It has been this way since Offerup started..I can remember it very well. Even regular buyers would begin to act that way.
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I started with OfferUp over the weekend and it's amazing how prevalent this is. After reading your post and all of the similar comments, I have to think that it's not people just being rude. I'm not a conspiracy theory guy but I believe that although there are a lot of rude people out there, it can't just be that. I have to imagine that they are phishing for information and getting paid for it somehow. I've had quite a few people ask if item is available, then ask for my address and then ghost. If asking questions and ghosting is such a recurring issue, there has got to be a reason for it. Is it a yet undiscovered phishing mechanism?

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I never give out my last name or my address or email because I agree....I suspect there are people phishing for information. Smh.