Noticed I can't ship item over $500

Level 9
I tried offering a new item worth $860 but I can't ship it since were capped at $500. Is it for insurance purposes, item is very light weight only $5 to ship.
Level 9
Not 100% sure but I'm guessing it's probably Insurance related if we could ship high-dollar items such as items in the thousand-dollar range it would probably be way too tempting for scammers and people trying to rip off OfferUp saying they never got the item I know they've had that problem with some of the cheaper items but when that starts happening at several thousand dollars and top it really adds up
Level 4
Thank you Agapecer, I was at the post office the other day and was told Insurance will cover total value only with USPS and it's not too expensive. I believe Fed Ex capped at $1,000. I'm assuming OU is capped since it's wholesale rates. Either way I'd never ship any item over a few hundred dollars. This item I want to ship is only about 1 in long and it goes into machinery. Only a serious buyer would be interested, no chance a scammer would be interested in this piece nor would they know what to do with it so I feel safe to ship. But not on OU since it is capped.