Notification Customization

Notifications on random notices from OfferUp VS Notification about an item your selling.
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Thanks for all this feedback on our notifications. This is absolutely something I can pass on. 


In the meantime, I can at least help walk you through steps towards disabling the "Your friend Timmy has joined OfferUp!" notifications! You can turn those off by following these steps -


Open Facebook in your browser and open the Settings. Note - you can't follow these steps within the FB app, so you'll have to do it from a web browser or computer.


Once you’re in your Facebook Account Settings choose ‘Apps’.

Select OfferUp to review or edit OfferUp's options.

Uncheck the ability to share friends on Facebook with OfferUp. 


Hopefully this helps cut down on some of the unwanted notifications!

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I think what user's are saying is that they are not looking for this app to make all kinds of alerts nonstop to entertain them or get the direct pulse feed constantly fed telling you every single second of activity on OfferUp. 


It's more of an app problem that it has actually setting up it's notification improperly in your phones OS! Seems to be hit or miss, everyonce in a while it will send a noise but that's 1:9 (about 1 out of 9 messages notifies me in any way) but that's consistent across 4 or 5 devices that share the same hot spot phone but all have the same OfferUp app installed. Not all devices will chime in at each message. 1st pad, exact as the 2nd will make a noise but the other may or may not, 2 other phones will possibly but most likely will not make a noise untill the 6th message has appeared and some won't post any untill that moment, the times will be fro. 5 hours earlier!


This is what most of us have been saying!, not hearing it ever, or not seeing messages, I highly doubt that anyone is happy to ever see another announcement of crap they mistankenly hit by accident weeks ago and seems to never go away now!


Those notifications can be turned off on your phone if you look into further, just follow the trail and stay with Google as they walk you through 100 pages of steps needed to allow showing everything or nothing and all in between! Your choices come with the least possible into, you'll research every single line of text trying to figure out what's safe to block and what it affects. Googles endless pursuit of wasting your time so much that you finally just give up, they won! Smart, added so many controls that you can't bitch about it ever!


After a few days of going through every setting that Google has for you to stop or allow and you find out that it just turns back on again when it's triggered! But most of us just gave up blocking everything all the time and what was once the worst case of spying on people is now considered to be normal data gathering done constantly to a point where it's normal and highly accepted act being done 24/7 forever till they die and then some more.

So whats the status of this? I too find the Ca Ching sound extremely loud and annoying. Its completly obnoxious. And like the OP said if you disable notifications you miss out on messages and miss sales.
I have the iPhone 6S and I have the sounds for notifications all off, but it still shows when I have a message so none are missed. Not sure about other devices, but this works on mine.
Just going down my Application List,
Amazon (great example, lots of specific notification toggles)
Google Drive (and most Google products, as mentioned by another user)
Google Photos
Google Maps
Gas Buddy
Tinder (good exaple of having seperate settings for push notifications vs email notifications)
Google Play Store
Reddit (another good one)
Podcast Addict (oh my god, the sweet, sweet customization in this app, of all settings including notifications)
Youtube Music
Youtube (another good example)

This was only my home screen. I hope this illustrates my point, that basically every single app that is available offers notification customization. OfferUp is the only app on my phone in which I can not turn off unwanted notifications from the app. This range of apps have a range of customizability for their notification settings; some with tons of in depth, highly specific nit-picking, some with the bare bones "all notifications off" switch. At the very least, however, I can turn off all notifications from inside the app.

There is a sweet spot between those two extremes, which I would put somewhere around Amazon, Tinder, or a Google app. Plenty of options breaking down all types of push notifications, as well as options for what gets an email notification (as that is a whole seperate issue; getting two notifications from two apps every time you get a single message is excessive and annoying).

Ideally, I want to see an entire section/page in OfferUp's settings dedicated to notifications, in which there is toggles for every type of notification (message alerts, new offers, new items in your area, promotional offers, etc.), as well as either those same options, or a simple on-off toggle for all email notifications. Community Formus settings too; I am tired of getting notified both by the app and email, every time I earn a new badge or level up, or whatever. I simply do not care.

That brings me nicely to my final point. I do not care about these things. All I, personally, care about, is getting notified with offers on my listings and messages. But that is not the case for everyone, as you Elin, made clear. Some people like these notifications. Some people probably want more. I dont mind if OfferUp adds a running ticker of notifications for every time anything in a fifty mile radius is posted. All I care about is having the options to turn off the things I dont want to hear. My apps are there to add function to my life, not frustration and annoyance.

Please pass this up the chain.
Thank you for reading.
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I spent a long time looking for customization only to find there is none. It's very frustrating to get notifications that I don't want, such as "look for x in your area" that come up whenever offerup decides I haven't been using it enough or whatever. But getting notifications when I get messages from users is very important! For now I will need to disable all notifications unless I'm actively selling something, I guess.

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It's been almost a year. When does the OfferUp team plan on delivering the ability to customize notifications? The only notifications I want are when a human reaches out to me to move a transaction forward. 


The offer up in-app marketing notifications are not just no-value features, they actually *remove* value from the overall offerup experience. 

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Is there a way only to receive notifications when someone messages me? I don’t want to turn off all notifications and miss a sale. But I also don’t need to be notified every day about an item I searched for 5 months ago and no longer need.
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Your marketing team is making a mistake with these mobile pushes. It doesn't fit the experience of the app. I'd wager the conversion rate is quite lame for the amount of negative experience it causes. I know from working with mobile that these tend to get 1-2% open rate while it causes about the same tally of uninstalls or blocks. A better solution would be to advertise saved search alerts and notifications more prominently.


These promotion pushes should be opt-in and opt-out enabled.


I've personally uninstalled the app over this missing feature in the past. I only reinstall it when I have a wave of things to sell. It was faster than finding the **bleep** thing in settings to block.


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