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I am sick an tired of being notified about things/items Offer Up considers i want! I never set it up but i cant stop them either!!! When the ding goes off, im thinking someones interested in my item! But no, its some stupid notification i dont want nor asked for. Hey Offer up, nice hiding for questions, no contact me, nothing but some stupid forum i doubt u tead!!!
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You can turn these off, there is a solution.

Literally the first thread when using the search function;

Some iPhone users are reporting that they don't have the option, if that's the case leave your offerup version and phone model so devs can look into it.
I have that option. But it doesn’t fix it. I still get notification even when the option is turned off
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Offerup sucks i always get blownup that some one made a sale at least 20 dif messages daily
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Yup me aswell they control our cells wack app