OFFER UP took my money and refuses to pay me for a item i shipped

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I shipped a quadcopter to FL form ID almost two months ago the buyer says that the money was taken from his account immeaditly when I agreed to the sale. After 56 days now since he recieved the item offer up still refuses to give me the money and just keeps saying wait longer and that someone will reply to my issue. I have gone ahead and filed a poliece report with my local PD to no avail and now have to file another one in FL as well since the buyer is now is possesion of my "stolen" property. This has been a total nightmare now anytime I ask about getting my money they threaten to close my account and tell me that someone else is already taking care of it. I no longer even care abut the $124 I want someone held responseable on criminal charges. This is a warning to all DO NOT SHIP YOUR ITEMS AND THINK OFFERUP IS GOING TO PAY YOU THEY WILL NOT!!! IT IS A TOTAL SCAM!!! 

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Have you got your money yet? I’m about to ship $400 worth of merchandise for the first time (new here) and I was just reviewing how things work
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This is why I go through PayPal to make payment. I have no idea why offer up doesn't give the option for PayPal payment