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Wouldn’t it be nice if on your OfferUp homepage among items listed would be ONLY items in which you are interested in or looking for ? I know that you are able to simply search for items but how about INSTEAD of searching for just ONE pareticular item you are able to have your whole homepage full of items that you’re either interested in and/or looking for.
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I don't know about that. Its already bad enough with the advertising marketed directly to you by what you search. And by what you post for sell. If I'm selling an item why would I want to see a bunch of ads for similar products. 

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I thibk it also takes input from your favorites list, for example mine is littered with musical instruments I will not be able to afford for another decade, as is my favorites list.

In many ways I see it as useful to note the price range for which other sellersadveetising products similar to my own. It allows me to be ccompetitive, and to attract more buyers by placing the same product just a few dollars cheaper.
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I agree they do use favorites lists but I don't have anything on my fav lists but as soon as I post something for sale there is suddenly a bunch of ads for the same or simila r product I just posted

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@jd41 I know it helps a lot of people with deciding on pricing. Have you found that to be helpful at all? 

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@Elin sometimes for some items,but I've started making rustic shelves and decor from barn wood and other reclaimed wood and most of the time the ads are way higher than my items. So that's more annoying than anything. Because I! Like why would I want to buy the same stuff I! Selling. More of a minor annoyance to me. What really irritates 😤👿 me is not being able to report the ads selling items everyone else gets removed if they post. Just think it should be fair across the board. Thanks for hearing me out.


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I feel you man. Pottery barn shelving and guitar lust... It's the harm knock life.
Here's what we do.:You go on my Offerup and favlrote all of my items and I go on your offerup and favorite your items. I need storage! And I'm poor! It sounds like a great plan! Then, simply tell me what you want to see and I'll go steal it from plaid pantry! Red bull. Hershey cookies and cream. Uhm chips? Be sure to make my response as a "solution".
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@jd41 how’s your sales going?
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Hey @Hotrod, sales are going ok. Its a pretty specific market I'm selling to. Rustic decor and furniture made from reclaimed barn wood isn't for everyone. I just got a new batch of wood with a greater diversity of witch's and thickness which will allow me to make a more diverse selection of items. Thanks for asking.