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Offer Up Police, told me that I shouldn't post what I originally posted, in a nationwide forum. I do not see how to delete the post, so I am replacing it with this.

"The Grinch that Stole Christmas"
Such a good book.

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Aidenholley, why would you be hesitant of posting this in a nationwide forum? Just curious to know.
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It is against Offerup community forum guidelines to put links anywhere unless there are the guidelines or links to Offerup support.
Also this is a nationwide forum. I would be hesitant with posting anything like this on the forums.
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Aidenholley, why would you be hesitant of posting this in a nationwide forum? Just curious to know.
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What you posted was probably deemed spam or it was something that should be done locally instead. Most sponsor topics lose steam within hours as they are not OfferUp specific.
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@goblin, It was not spam. Did you see the original post? It was about getting Christmas assistance for my granddaughters, due to me under going surgery and not being able to work. How is that spam and how does it become an issue to post something like that nationwide?
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Nope, I didn't see it. That's why it was an assumption.

I'm not sure what exactly was said.

Did you have any outside links?

You're also quite new to the community, you can see how that may raise suspicion?

Or how that would invite more people to do the same more often (aka spam)
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It was a go fund me link which was removed. The question remain the same as to why would she be hesitant to post for assistance nationwide. Only she can answer that. The link was removed. The entire post was removed. But I just wanted to know why she feel it's a problem to ask for help nationwide.
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I edited my previous post and also unnaproved outside links are not allowed.
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we have established that. I asked her to send me the guidelines and she did, I read them and removed the link. I am just asking her why would she be hesitant to ask for assistance nationwide. The issue about the link was resolved and removed hours ago, by me not by offer up. I am new at this so I didn't know. I just want to know why she feel it's a problem asking for assistance nationwide. I am not raising any type of debate here.
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For your security and privacy maybe I don't know.

The main thing is that we feel your local community or family would be more help.

It was most likely a pressumption or a mistake like with me, but sure if you want to wait for a reply from aiden that is fine.

There are like a billion gofund me accounts out there.

If you have a facebook link to the account.

No reason to feel embarassed about doing that, if I knew you personally and your situation I would of course help.