Offer Up Support Horrible

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Its been 2 weeks since I applied for my buyers protection claim, 2 WEEKS, and still nothing has been done. I even see the seller who tried to scam me still selling item. I can tell hes scammed more people by the amount of one star reviews hes gained. OfferUp support team is beyond mediocre seeing as they still havent banned that user and still never issued me a refund for being scammed


What was the verdict on your claim? Are you still waiting for an answer or the refund?

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OfferUp is horrible I don't like the way they pay you after you ship it's a bunch of B S it's your money not theirs and it's rude and hanky
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Actually, if you review the TOS via your OfferUp app profile settings, you will see that...
Stripe is the payment processing service OfferUp has integrated with. OfferUp is an interface through which you provide your Electronic Payment Method to Stripe to process, on behalf of the user.
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There is no verdict, they requested I sent images regarding the packaging I'm claiming to be a scam. I sent all pictures of an unopened, completely empty package and they still have not sent a reply. I'm already in the process of disputing the charge with my bank, since the payment team is utterly useless. They're not going to scam my money, and think they can go into hiding and not respond.


What does an unopened, completely empty package look like? Do you have an x-ray machine (not a joke...just curious)?


Otherwise, if a package is unopened, how does one know if it is empty, just by an image/pic?

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Thank you for being real @factsdontcare I respect these types of inquires so much. I detest the sugarcoated responses that are sometimes offered. Not taking anything away from genuinely kind hearted people at all, it is just that sometimes you have to call it how you see it. Afterall real solutions are what this forum is for.
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I'm curious, why haven't you opened the package @JohnnyXz?


The last thing you stated to our Payments team was  "There's nothing inside, not even opened" and supplied photos of a package that did seem it could be opened. Feel free to clarify so I can make sure this is going to the right team.


It could be that the package feels empty (by weight), but that would be dependent on the item? For instance, a down filled pillow in a box would be diffcult to ascertain, but something with heft would be easier to determine?


Put the box on a scale and compare the weight of the what the item (not specified) should weigh? You can take images of what is shown on the scale.

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The item I purchased was an Apple Airpod Charging Case. The picture I took showed me putting my entire hand on the package showing its completely flat and empty. I took pictures of my hand laying flat on the package at different angles. This is because a claim could be made if I opened the package then they, OfferUp, would've said something on the lines of, "The package is open, and you just took the item and claim there was nothing in it." By not opening it, and having it in the original condition I got it, there is nothing they can say to claim I took it and lied about it.