Offer being reviewed?


I bought a phone with credit card and I got this message also?   I didn't know it would be a hassle to pay for something on here, no other site puts a hold on paying with a valid credit card, all they have to do is see that the card is good.  


The app's payment processor (Stripe) needs to verify that the cc belongs to YOU, which means they are cross-checking your ID to make sure that the cc was issued to you.


Verifying that the card is being used by an authorized user is different from checking the validity/funds availabilty of the cc.

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I paid for an item with credit card  (cell phone $350)  and got the """We're reviewing your offerOur payments team occasionally reviews some offers, and they're taking a look at this one. It could take up to 48 hours for them to finish, and we'll let you know as soon as they're done. Meanwhile, please don't enter another offer. We apologize for the delay.""" ... how long before the seller ships the item?  I've never had this happen on eBay, Amazon or anywhere,   really.  

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Have been noticing more of these lately... mostly pertaining to phone purchases.
As factsdontcare stated above...
Stripe is the payment processor for OU & this is most likely one of their safety checks.
This has happened on my last 4 purchases and now my sale as well. What gives.
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Same thing happened to me and that was 2 days go, I'm getting fustrated already
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Hey did the offer go through ? I'm going through the same thing right now, I just bought something and got that as well ... It's been 2 days already
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@Jari1989 i wanted to know if you had any updates with your issue ? Cuz i just called my bank to ask what was the delay and they said because it was a big purchase, it should be able to be put through tonight or early morning tomorrow ( hence the 48 hour period time)

Seller told me he got a notification saying it was pending under review, and today he was shown that it was a payment under-review- since my bank hasnt released the funds until either later tonight.

So i wanted to know if you got it solved ? Since I see there is no actually way of talking to a human being about the prblems i see on the forum on here.
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@factsdontcare @EddieCamb

Did this get resolved and how long was the approval time for you ?


I never had an issue.  My previous post was  an explanation directed at  @EddieCamb, since it was his inquiry . Once issues get resolved, most people do not follow-up  here in the forum.