Offer is different in the receipt section

Level 1
I recently made an offer for an item that was listed for $60 plus $12 shipping. I made an offer for $12 less so it was $48 plus $12 shipping just to cover the shipping costs. The seller agreed and I changes the offer to reflect $48 plus shipping. He accepted it and shipped it. The offer still says $48 plus shipping. But when I pull up the receipt it says I paid $60 plus $12 shipping. I dont understand why changed?
Community Helper
Did you offer 48$ or 60$ total? If 60$ total, Offerup will add the shipping even though you had different intentions. If you had offered 48$ it would have added the shipping costs automatically at the end of the transaction.
Level 9
It sounds like the buyer offered $48 and seller accepted and changed price. Maybe the offer was made before the app had a chance to catch up?

I also want to add, that some buyers seem to think that sellers pocket shipping costs somehow. Sellers do NOT get shipping fees, this is the COST TO SHIP. Sellers also pay a fee to offer this service. Making offers negotiating shipping makes no sense on offerup. The ship costs are firm and calculated by usps. When negotiating, you are negotiating the PRICE OF THE ITEM. PERIOD.
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I think I just never saved the new offer price at the bottom before making the offer. He was nice enough to cancel the order and I made a new one which I saved this time and it went through fine. Thank you for your help everyone.