Offer up changed my location automatically

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Hi @JoseLuis777 welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,
I recommend using the the OfferUp website for changing your location, here’s the information on doing so, hope this helps you.

Change the location for your OfferUp account
The first time you log in to the OfferUp app, we get your location to show you items near you. If you've moved or your original location wasn't quite right, change it in your account. 
In the OfferUp app
1. Open the OfferUp app, then tap Account 

2. .
3. Tap Settings

4. , then tap the name of your current location.
5. Tap Get my location or enter your Zip Code.
6. Tap Save.
On the OfferUp website 
If you've moved or your original location wasn't quite right, you can change it on our website.
1. Go to and hover over your name. If you don't see your name, click Login and enter your email and password. 
2. Click Settings, then click on Location. 
3. Start typing the name of our city, then choose a location from the drop down menu. Your location won't be updated if you don't click an option.
4. Click Save Changes. 
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This may happen, the app pinpoints a zip you've searched in the past or will randomize it — most likely due to an app or server refresh.

You can change your location during post manually or turn on gps / location tracking to get a more accurate zip