Offer up doesn’t let me give a offer or ask anything with ought joining tru you

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Well I try to give a offer and I’m only 16 and it says you have to join tru you I filled everything out but the drivers license part cause I don’t have one I need help and Im trying to buy some stuff my birthday just came a little bit ago HELP ME PLEASE
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Jonahrivas77 welcome to the forum 😊
Elin Community manager, will be able to give you more information on your issue. Hang in there.
Horrid yes it is recommended I’m having the same PROBLEM every time I try sended a message it keep saying Join TruYou In order to send and receive messaging like what the hell
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Welcome to the forums @Jonahrivas77. I'd recommend you learn about safe practices of transaction, meeting, exchanging money, and potential scams. Also, keep your parent(s) or another responsible adult in the loop. Good luck!
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OfferUp employee

Hey @OfferUp12345780, we will require a TruYou verification in certain cities and depending on the types of items you are looking to sell. Just to clarify for everyone else - if your account is subject to a TruYou verification, you'll be notified. If you don't receive a notification, it's not required. 

Yes hey I haven’t been notified or anything what to do to remove that TruYou process I don’t have what they require why OfferUp doing all this now. You seriously need to require that just to text please tell me there’s another option or so
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Hi. It’s not mandatory that you provide you DL or any other private information. Go ahead and send an offer for an item you are interested in. That seller will respond by sending a text message through the app. All communications will continue safely through the app such as what price you agree on, when and where to meet. Don’t give out personal information even if asked. Hope this helps a bit.
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Hi Ellen I’m having the same Issue it is requiring me to verify a tru you account. I need to get in contact with sellers and I really don’t want to keep my personal info on file that’s weird. Any way I can contact my buyer and cease posting as I really don’t want my info out there
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I am having the same problem