Offer up is not letting me post

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I’ve been trying to post for days now. I’ve restarted my phone, redownloaded the app and it continues to give me an error message when trying to post.
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What does the error message say?

Does it give a specific error code?

You can also contact support here:
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It tells me:

The operation couldn’t be completed
(OUErrorDomain error 0.)
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Some light research tells me this has to do with location retrieval failing.

What I would do is clear cache / settings and log back in, set a zip code manually and try again.

Troubleshoot on WiFi as well as cell data.
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@Mason0927 check out this blog for some basic troubleshooting help!

same thing with me 

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hello my account wont let me post or message or even withdraw my money i cant even see where my packages i shipped out are... i tried email messaging customer service and i never get a response.. 

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Try the Twitter support.

I would advise not posting your email or personal information on a public forum due to scammers / spammers.
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Did you ever figure it out? Cause me too just recently. I'm going to attempt the clearing cache and what not. Hopefully it works!