Offer up systematically cancelled my order after I shipped it / stealing from me

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I followed instructions and shipped my order. After a couple of days Offerup cancelled it and I have no idea why. No commmunication from a system is frustating as well as no responses to support requests. USPS says due to polar vortex packages weren’t scanned. How will offerup reinstate this transaction so I don’t lose money.  Essentially I shipped and now the system is stealing from me. Can anyone out help?  This is ridiculous and a predators paradise. More communication can easily prevent this situation.  

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They just did this to a seller I purchased from. They not only charged me twice at $250 $ $255 drained my account and caused me to have 7 overdraft fees with my bank they then informed the seller I had cancelled my order. Huge lies!! Buyers and sellers beware!!
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Have you contacted support? That would be a place to start.
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Hey, this just happened to me on an order I shipped. In my case, the post office appears to have missed the first scan and the order was auto-cancelled. However, now it has been delivered, but I have no pending paytment. I'm attempting to resolve this through support, but haven't received a response!

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Wow... Sorry to hear that happened to you. I should have done my research beforehand, but I'll continue to badger Offerup to have this resolved. Could have easily used another platform.
I am having this same problem. If you get it figured out, please let me know. I am getting no communication back from offerup.