OfferUp Community Forum Changes!

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Hi, I am brand new to OfferUp. I don’t know if this is the right place to be asking this, but are we allowed to sell representing a Thrift Shop? Sometimes we get in items that we could get more money for by selling online. I think this is great to have a forum to go to for help and answers!
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@Springsfas That is perfectly acceptable to do! You might find even more success by making your items available for shipping! You can even set a personalized profile link to be named after the thrift shop and market your online presence as well!

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This is about another topic... Is there another way to view items for sale on the main page of the app? I'm a buyer with a regular smartphone. When I open the app at least 10 to 12 items appear on my screen. This collage of images is too small to see clearly without opening each offer. Is there a way to only view five at a time or make items bigger? I would love to be able to increase size by using my fingers. Sorry, but it's so much easier to view items on Facebook's Marketplace. Thanks! -Over 50 and struggling.