OfferUp Community Helpers

Community Helper
Knew you would @Hi-there!
What about @Woodguychris &
@Fredyfred5 too? Smiley Happy
Community Helper
@REMEMBRANCE--They're both great as well!! How many people is Mj looking for? Just curious.
Community Helper
Pretty sure... @Hi-there
she said she's looking for only, a couple more!
Level 9

@REMEMBRANCE  @Hi-there  Glad you have faith in me. I would love to give back to our community. When and if Mj asked me I just have a few questions. I know there are rules we need to follow. I’ll will give back to our community regardless. LOL! I just think it’s good to help if you can. 

Community Helper
Great @Jones68!
I am sure Mj will show you the ropes... you seem like a quick study. Good luck my friend!
Level 9

Thank you 😊. Thank to everyone who put me on the list.

Level 7

Hey thanks for the shout out! @REMEMBRANCE 

I would be happy to help more in anyway, count me in!!

Community Helper
Thank you @Fredyfred5
I am sure @Mj_206 will appreciate your offering to help the Community too!
Community Helper
Hey ... @Dad_Tired
Weren't you a Community Helper a little while back?
Edit: Appreciate the PM clarification Smiley Sad
Community Helper

@Captodometer is very helpful & gives really great advice; would be an awesome helper!!