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Hey everyone!


You may have noticed these forums are getting pretty big! So big that one person simply can’t keep up with the growth and increased need for moderation. A couple of you may have heard this from me already, but it’s time for us to open it up to the community! We are looking for Community Helpers that can help bring attention to important threads or escalate threads that may be violating our community rules. This is completely voluntary, so if this seems like something of interest, let me know!


If you believe you possess the following qualifications, PM me.  I will put your name in the running and have our selection panel review.  


Qualifications -

- Have a clear understanding of our Community Guidelines, both for OfferUp and the Community Forums

- Be able to identify what is allowed to be posted and when to step in (This is absolutely something I can train on)

- Must have good community behaviors demonstrated on OfferUp

- Repeat poster and active Community Forum user

- Must be comfortable with reviewing and actioning inappropriate/aggressive content (so we can get it removed ASAP!)

- Knowledgeable/passionate about OfferUp

- Positive, outgoing, and high-energy; thrives off interacting with others and forming meaningful connections


We are looking for 3-5 people to serve as Community Helpers. Are you up for the challenge? Think you fit the position? PM me for more information Smiley Happy

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So, be a moderator on a business forum for free?
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@Amby713, yes you are volunteering FREELY to help others on OU.
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Level 10! You're a 10!
Does this effect public profile, or just community form profiles?
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---Giving back is always good! 👍😊
Level 10! You're a 10!
Are you asking if you are recognized via a badge that you are a "Community Helper" ?
Good question... @Conor
Level 10! You're a 10!
@KSARASARA Yes, I am always polite to people. Although I am a low baller! I wouldn’t want to tarnish any offer up reputation, having a community helper offering $15 on an item with an $80 asking price.
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Thanks for all the interest guys!! This first round of helpers is going to be escalating threads to me, so it really isn't too much to handle I promise, @Amby713 Smiley Wink


I'll be PMing the helpers and giving them the title of Community Helper. This will really help me get to escalated threads ASAP. 

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@Mj_206 wrote:

Thanks for all the interest guys!! This first round of helpers is going to be escalating threads to me...

I just hope that the people you have chosen write in complete sentences within a cohesive paragraph.