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@aidenholley You're right. My bad. My Dry Eyes have been killing me lately. I didn't see the s at the end of the statement & there was no question mark so, since it didn't look like a question, I just thought it was just yet another person chiming in or having something to say when I wasn't asking anyone but 1 person. I've been having bunch of different issues lately on here with my items not showing up & just idiot trolls who love to msg in the middle of the night just cuz they hate the Cowboys...

BTW, I just noticed that most of my items are back on here again correctly as of apparently today. My Promote Plus that I've been paying $19.99/Month since that started, just fixed itself this wkend or someone finally read my msgs even though nobody bothered to let me know they were gonna look into it for me.

I know I'm not the only person on here but a simple reply is all I ask. Especially when it's been a couple months... Thnx

Oh, & I'm not going to be going back & forth w/anyone on here. It already took way too long to back all the way outta here before. Now we gotta go through the stupid I'm Not a robot thing too! Which just timed me out so I gotta reconfirm I'm Not a robot again!
Marcuspage, sorry. I didn't know that you were asking a question. Since I didn't see a question mark on the end of it, I just thought you were trying to be funny. Again, my bad. Mj_206 has answered your question I see, so I hope that she helped you unlike me. I had just got done dealing with a couple Cowboys Hater Troll Clown idiots so, you just got innocently got in the middle of it. Not your fault. But next time, use a question mark when asking questions & maybe idiots like me won't take it the wrong way on the wrong day. Thnx!
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Hey @Mj_206! zI would like to help! I'm up most of the night and all day,and have lots of online time.....can't game all the time....

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Fantastic, @quikdraw520! I'll send you a private message today wit additional info!

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Still looking for anyone that might be interested in this! Smiley Very Happy

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Hey @Mj_206
Throw in an OU "T" (shirt) lol
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Forum helpers should be offered a free shipping trial temporarily. Most questions here are in reference to shipping and getting paid. Most helpers have not shipped or had just a few experiences. Not enough to adequately provide answers. Just my opinion, but worth a try.
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I have shipped about 30 items all over the country in the past two months is there a specific question that you're looking answer?
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From previous posts regarding shipping qq's, seems you are one of the more experienced shippers in the Community!