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Hello OfferUp community!


To empower people to connect and prosper. This is the vision statement of OfferUp. There have been so many amazing stories that our community has shared with us which we’ve turned into a series of TruStories on the OfferUp blog, and some here in the community blog! With that said, we’re looking for more of these amazing stories.


The stories that have been shared with us fill our hearts with so much joy. We’ve heard stories ranging from meeting a spouse on OfferUp to reuniting with childhood friends, and we know more are out there! If you’ve had an amazing transaction and story you’d like to tell, we encourage you to share it here in this thread, or by emailing us.


Looking forward to your stories!

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Bump bump! I know you guys have great stories!

Stories.. I have many. From meeting a former Tar Heels player to making lasting friends whom still check my page for deals or just to check up on

One of my favorite would be the Ballplayer. After wrecking a knee, he had to give it up..which, I'm sure was nothing sort of heart-breaking. He continued to watch the games, & even began to collect memorabilia which he kept safe in a curio cabinet.

At the time I first met him, I had quite a Vintage collection which ranged from jewelry trinkets to plush toys. With time, he took every single piece. With each meeting we would sit & talk; he would share stories of his farm, his time as a Tarheel & other subjects such as new additions to his growing (massive collection).

One day he didn't show up for a meeting..& remained silent for over a week. I haven't heard from him since - but I'll remember him, he was a genuinely good person.

Another story from the Midnight Hour

Yeah, one time I sold something on offerup, and I sent it out within the time frame. Offerup sent a label with two tracking numbers, UPS and USPS. USPS scanned it but offerup cancelled the sale. The funds from this and several other sales are held.


Reached out to support since Tuesday no reply. No response on "offerupsupport" twitter page. No email. Just that my sale was cancelled. Bump this to support so that this issue can be resolved.