OfferUp being used as a dating site

My nickname comes from my history traveling with grunge bands of the 90s. There was a song my friend only played during shows I was able to attend. Rain. So late 90s qhen I'd drive to catch the show maybe 5-18 hours depending on what state and venue they were playing in I'd arrive,knock on the bus and either a roadie or tour manager would open it and yell back to my friend "hey that "rain girl" is here" and it stuck. They also called my dad pops. They were based out of Seattle,the rain capital of USA also the depression and suicidal capital. So I jave since tattooed it in Chinese charachters inside a raindrop on my shoulder. Named my eldest daughter after the band,and continued to use it as my screen name or handle for all intents and purposes. Lol... I know I'm a geek. Music is life! Anyway,I was born in Chicago,went to Academy in east Tn,and moved to Az 7 years ago so that's an afterthought. The rain came long before the desert.
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From your OG post:
"That most of those cosmetic manufacturers in Asia do not have ANY guidelines to follow by FDA..."


Regulations (word NOT used in your ORIGINAL post) are not "guidelines",as guidelines are suggestive, wheras regulations are directives or statute enforced by law.

I'm sorry but i can not and will not continue with you as this isn't my op. Also I am interested in meeting ppl who don't insert themselves just to argue. Period you are wrong. I still stated specific ingredients directly below what you just tried to creepypasta and prove a point that is moot. It is illegal for Asian companies to copy American brand cosmetics to a T as far as packaging and name and marketing,use whatever ingredients they want,and sell. The only reason they are successful is they are in Asia. If they were here they would be under investigation and under copyright and trademark infringements. It is unfair to the real companies and their distributers and sales reps like me because it takes from us! Period. So please I beg of you again,goodnight! I am not interested in recieving 10 more notifications of you wanting to argue. This type of harassment is almost as bad as the sexual harassment! I don't have to agree with you! I also shouldn't have to put up with your continued badgering! I said good day,now my sun is down. Only get back to me when you have a complete lot of luxury cosmetics @ a better than wholesale price as you say!😂😂😂WOW. now I am begining to feel how you must've felt when you were attacked by Fla for simply being kind and offering an opinion. All this arguing is beyond me!
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Wow, @RaingirlVIP81 , thank you so much for sharing such an interesting bit about yourself. I truly hope you'll stick around the forums and continue to share your opinions, ideas and experiences. Many here will agree we are trying to grow the forum and community in a positive way. I have a few threads you might like to join in. I'd love to hear your opinion and you'll meet a few new people too. 😁
Omg I have been asking my male friends if this is normal! In his society today I'm ashamed of the nasty vile and threats suggesting the "thoughts of doing______ to me" I won't post the actual comments that were made but I'm literally freaked out a little scared and not sure who to get in contact with. I cannot find a phone number for OfferUp I need somebody to contact me it's very serious- it's the second person in a whi talked explicit and filthy- this latest one off the charts. Help? Offerup? The guy scares me..he needs to face it not be able to go thru with his thoughts of crazy sex exploitation- imagination of a rapist.
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Welcome to the Community Forums @Keep-it-rated-G. I'm sorry to hear your dealing with this kind of issue. I know OfferUp has zero tolerance for this and they take it very serious. Contact Customer Care, immediately and our Community Manager @MJ_206 can also direct your complaint. 

Keep all communications you've had and don't edit anything.

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So sorry to hear about this, @Keep-it-rated-G. We never want any of our community members to feel uncomfortable after receiving unwanted advances. You'll want to report the other user right away - have you done that yet? If so, let me know and I can get some eyes on your case.

Shocker. Get out and meet people at art museums....have respect.. I'm not sure what I can there offer up support service ? It's not a joke at ALL
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There is, @Keep-it-rated-G - reach out here

It looks like you have reported and blocked several people up to this point. Feel free to do that same for this user.

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That’s just dumb and corny